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devil town

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01 - the night

Aurelia pov.

They say summer is the best time of the year but for me it isn't, it’s cold and ruthless. Just like my town Warlington, or how I like to call it Devil Town.

I’ve never really had that childhood you see kids have in movies or books, my mam and dad divorced almost three years ago since then summer has and will always be cold. They also say enjoy being young while you can, but what's the fun in life when you are alone? They say go to school, learn more, be smarter, just to prove them right.

A few weeks before summer started my dad bought me a car, the newest model,to make up for the “lost time” he would call it. Time goes differently now, slow and draining but he still isn’t here. And my mam, never see her always out with her “catch of the month”. The girls from school said that tonight we would go out but bailed, again, must be spending time together without me. In full honesty I don’t mind, they are all too fake to care about what is really going on.

So now at two in the morning, sitting on my bed, wearing my pajamas with my white and stripey dressing gown, I decide I’m going to go for a ride. I grab my keys and lock the door, mam won't be home soon anyway. It’s pouring down but I truly don’t care anymore. I reverse and I’m off straight away.

The place I mostly go to at times like this, is a little shop around the corner but it was vandalised a month ago. So my new place is quite a drive away. The joys of living near the sea leave the abandoned docks even more quiet than the town itself. While the rain still falls onto the windshield of my car I make the final turn to the docks.

I discovered this place earlier this week, the man my mam brought home that night was too touchy and rude, I just had to get out. I enjoy the long walk with the noise of only the sea washing up against the walls and my heavy footsteps. I should've changed out of my night slippers.

But tonight when I arrive at the top I’m not met with the calmness of the night or the cool breeze. But a figure wearing a green and brown dressing gown…


So that was Chapter one - the night

Hope you enjoyed it and if you did make sure to vote.

Thanks much love, xx

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