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Alistir Geckron is a alien from the planet Bemeilia. His planet is all he's ever known. But his yearning desire to see the galaxy is strong and consumes him more than anything else. When his government desides to visit the planet Earth, he is one of the individuals chosen to live amoungs the humans. Everything changes however when he meets Liam. A sexy barista.

Romance / Fantasy
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Chapter 1


I slowly ajusted my eyes to the bright galaxy lights that shown through my skylight. I sighed, getting up and releasing a yawn. I looked around me. The clear walls showing the outside world. Stars, planets and meteors. It was gorgeous. Yet something inside me found it extremely boring.
Nothing on this planet fascinates me anymore. Not even the glorious capitol, Bema. I wanted something more, I wanted to explore. Yet it was against the law. I hated that stupid law. It's like everyone here is brain washed to believe that we live on the best, the most perfect planet in the entire galaxy. But I digress. I rubbed my eyes and got up, to be knocked right back down. "Kuni!" I groaned. Kuni is my younger brother.
"You have to come see this! Governor Thrix is here!" I stared in disbelief at my brother who was grabbing my arm and pulling me towards the door. "Wait, Thrix is here?" Thrix never leaves the Capital. Who would? The capital is a luxury. The finest foods, the finest homes, tons of wealth.
I walked outside to the the town square, and to my extreme surprise. There stood Governor Thrix, with his white fur coat and cape. But to my almost amusement, sat a large, circular, ship. "See, I told you" my brother said to me. "Shush, he's speaking" I said, holding my brother close to me. My mother was somewhere behind us I presume.
"And, to inform you all" Thrix said in his booming voice that echoed throughout the district. "I've come here today to pick certain subjects to come down to planet" he looks to his scrolls, "Earth, to make peace with the humans" whispers unleashed throughout the crowdl
"This is it" I think, this is my chance to go explore other worlds, a chance to see what life is like beyond the void. I look to the right of Thrix. There was a bowl that held thousands slips of paper.
One by one he called the names off, untill he got to the very last name. My fingers were crossed, I held my breath. I wanted so badly to go to earth. To see what the humans do, to see how they act. It's my only dream.
"Alistair..." Thrix looked up to me and glared. I gulped. His stone cold eyes looked to the paper then to me again. He sighed and motioned me upto the ship. I slowly let go of my brother and walked upwards.
As I came into better veiw of Thrix, I could see he was staring at me bitterly. I shivered, as I tried to walk passed him but he stopped me.
"This is your only chance Alistair. Dont you dare blow it."

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