When 2 Universes Collide

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Lani is a 19 year old, awkward girl who works at Starbucks. She's never been popular, only talking to people who spoke to her first. She's always kept to herself and her books; that is, until Marx. Marx is the punk rock kind of girl. She's the opposite of Lani. She has a band, loads of friends, and almost flunked every grade from 5th to high school. For Lani, this is love at first sight, and same goes for Marx. This is the story between two young lesbians, and the question is: What happens when 2 totally opposite worlds collide into 1?

Romance / Humor
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Small note from the author

Hello, reader! My name is Lemony Cricket, but you can call me Lemon(y) or Cricket. Whichever you prefer. Now, I have never used this website, so I have absolutely no clue what I am doing. I'm just a teenager doing teenager things, if this is even a thing teenagers do. I barely even know myself, because I have zero social skills. Anyways, I sincerely apologize if there is anything incorrect with my writing. Feel free to leave criticism, I will gladly accept it! Most of my stories are somewhat short, as well, so my apologies if they're a bit bad. This is kind of a test chapter or whatever, so yeah. Anyways, you probably want to read, so I'll leave you to it. P.S. I use he/they pronouns, and most of my work is LGBTQ+, so if you have a problem with that kindly leave :)

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