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Marrying Lucas Hernandez

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"Tell your Grandfather that I don't want to marry you." She said as she faced me. "So, you're rejecting me?" "Call it whatever you want." "You can't do that" I said. "Why? I just did." "No babe, you can't do that. If you would have said this to your Grandpa then I wouldn't have come here, I wouldn't have given a damn but now, I do." "Why?" "You'll know once we get married." Jessian Riveras has a plan and she wants to go as per that plan. Life isn't always too easy, is it? Jessian became a model famous in Spain but will her plans to become a world famous model be successful when her family has planned her wedding to the football superstar, the most eligible bachelor, Lucas Hernandez ? Two people meet under 'planned' circumstances. They just have to keep their plans aside and follow what has been planned for them by their families. Difficult much?

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" I've decided, you're going to marry Jessian Riveras next month."

"Grandpa,now you're dragging it, I told you just because you and her grandfather served the military together and made some idiotic promise to each other, doesn't mean you'll order everyone around." I said. This was frustrating. My grandfather was pushing this discussion way too much. Why doesn't he understand that he can't, by any means, force me into marrying a girl I haven't even met.

"Lucas, it's Harrison's birth day next week and I'm flying to Spain to meet him."

"Why are you telling me all this?"

"You're coming along with me." Grandfather ordered, like he always does.

"No Grandpa, don't do this. Why don't you understand? I don't want to get married right now. I'm playing at the best club in the world and I'm going to be captain soon and I'll have responsibilities, I can't handle so much, you know."

"That's why I want you to get a wife. So that you have someone to talk to, you have someone to fall back to, someone who stands by you."

"What are you all for? Aren't you guys there for that, my family, my support?"

"We can't travel the world with you, we have a massive business to handle." Grandfather said.

"So selfish.." I said, looking at him. He looked at me and smiled. He knew I can't say no to him, that's why he does all this, plans my life without telling me about it.

"You're coming then?"

"Do I have a choice?"

"Umm, absolutely no."

"Well then, I am."

"Great." He literally rejoiced after hearing me say that.

"What was her name again?"

"Jessian Riveras, she is a model in Spain. Well, you know many models, don't you know her?" Grandfather asked me sneakily.


"Okay okay, pack your bags, we'll be flying on Friday."

I nodded after he left me alone in his study.

I got up from the chair I was sitting on and picked up grandfather and grandmother's picture that was properly placed at a corner of his table.

"I need a wife, huh? Let's meet this Jessica, no.. ......What was her name... Jennifer? Nahh.... Julie?...shit....Um... Hey Grandpa, what was her name again" I shouted as I too, walked out of Grandfather's study.


Hi guys!!

Welcome to Marrying Lucas Hernandez! I'm so glad that you chose to read this book. It's a book I began writing back when I was in school. The idea has been in my mind but I haven't completed it yet. I'm back to writing it now though. Hope you'll like what I have in story for you guys!

If you like the story and you feel like it's going to be something that you'd like to read, add this to you library. You'll be able to get the updates too, that way.

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