Marrying Lucas Hernandez

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Chapter 1

Marrying Lucas Hernandez


"Lucas Hernandez, you mean the great Lucas Hernandez?"

My best friend Jena rejoiced after I told her about the numerous "arranged marriage plans" my family was making for me. Lucas Hernandez was the guy they thought would be suitable for me.

My thoughts? A womaniser can never win over. He can win over any girl's body, not mine.

"Yes, Lucas Hernand-"

"From Vatican FC, soon to be captain, the future of Spanish football, the face of our sporting industry, the footballer of the year contender,"

"Okay. Stop." I had to shout at my highest pitched voice because Jena won't stop blabbering. She has always had this thing for footballers, especially spanish one's. The tall, dark and handsome types. I've heard her say this name so many times and surprisingly, she has been the one crying and sobbing whenever he changed a girlfriend, even though she's happily married. Cut to today, she is the one telling me that my family's decision of taking decisions on my behalf is correct.

"Jess, he's such a god."

"Jena, he's no god."




"J" we both said in unison. Our phone conversations can be very hard for both of us. They always have been. I mean, how do you expect two loud speakers, two equally arrogant and stubborn fighters to fight over a phone call? Our phone call ended when both of us got pissed and hung up.

Why doesn't she understand?

"Jessian, ten more minutes until we are ready." I heard my manager Sophie say from outside. I was currently shooting for a magazine. I was going to be on the cover of this magazine for the third time in a row.

"I'm coming." I said as I looked at myslef at te mirror and checked my make up one last time. I went out to see the whole set up was great. We had a royal theme for this shoot and I wore a Victorian style gown. It was huge. My hair were done accordingly and I was told that this shoot had to be all about drama. I took my place and gave some poses.

After about fifteen minutes, the photographer got some good shots and I was done for the day. I went back to my van and changed into my clothes and checked my phone. I had 30 missed calls, all from Dad.

Gosh, not again. I know he must be asking me to meet Grandpa's friend's grandson. Ughhh, why do I love granpa so much..!

I quickly texted back with a "I'm on my way."


I reached home and before I could even step in, I was told to go change, freshen up, wear something elegant and come down as soon as possible.

How the hell can I do so many things and hurry at the same time?

I took my time and changed into something presentable. Well everything in my closet is presentable! I picked anything randomly because honestly, I knew what my family had in mind and I didn't want that to happen.

I applied minimalist make up and went down.

"Granna..!" I went and hugged my grandpa. Grandpa turns eighty day after tomorrow and we have a huge party planned for him. Granna gestured me to sit next to him and I saw his friend, Valentino Hernandez sitting in front. I was taken aback. I mean, Valentino Hernandez was Spanish royalty, not literally but still, he had the name, the fame, his company was spread all round the globe. I had only seen him in pictures. And maybe once when I was really small.

"Hello Jess, how are you?" He said, giving me a huge smile. Oh he's rich, he's got all the power and yet, he's so kind. That's a sign of a true gentleman.

"I'm very well, sir. It was a pleasure meeting you." I said courteously.

"Ohh Jess," he and my Granna laughed at the same time.

"Why what is so funny Granna?" I asked looking at both of them dumbfounded.

"Call me Granpa will you? I'm no stranger Jessian." Mr. Valentino Hernandez said. I looked at my Granna and he nodded.

"Okay Grandpa." I said. He gave me a smile and I did the same.

"Now will you go and greet the other guest too, Jessian?" My grandfather said, pointing towards the balcony door. I looked at te door and realised it was open. I could even see a man standing there through the curtains. He was walking back and forth, probably talking over the phone.

I looked back to where my grandpa sat tk find they had already left. Now I was alone in the hall. I walked towards the balcony and opened the door to slip inside.

Yes, it was Lucas.

How do I know?

Well, because Jena had talked about him alot. She told me he has brown hair, he's tall, probably 6 or more and so much more. I just looked at him from behind I knew it was him.

He was still on the phone so I didn't want to disturb. I stood near the railings and looked at the sun setting down the horizon. I could hear his words faintly though.

"It's Grandfather, he wants all this. I don't."

Oh yes. Thank God. Thank God even he doesn't want this "arranged marriage".

I smiled. I knew it's a win win. I just have to take him in my team, and act out as I'm the one who rejected him and we're done. I'll get out of this trap. I need to talk to him and om sure he'll agree to this.

"Well, isn't the sunset beautiful?" I heard someone speak, it was Lucas.I turned around to look at him but all I saw was beauty. He was so handsome in reality. The pictures didn't really justify his beauty. He bad deep green eyes. His brown hair were perfect. He wore a white shirt and deep blue jeans. He looked so... Good.

"It is indeed." I said with a smile.

"Hi, I'm Lucas."

"Hey, Jessian." I said as I shook his hand.

"Jessian, ohh.. oh.. so you're the bride to be."

"Haha, funny." I said with a fake laughter.

"Why, what's funny in that?" He said with concern over his face.

"Why? Don't you want this arranged marriage thing to not happen?" I said, staring the obvious.

"Why would you think that?"

"Huh? Well I just heard you say this on the phone. It's uit Grandpa's wish right? Me too. So here is the plan, let's tell them that I rejected you or you rejected me and let's end this shit." I said in one go.

"So you don't want this wedding to happen?" He looked at me and I went numb.

"Ummm, no. Not now. I don't want to get married right now. I'm on the peak of my career and I have so many plans for my future. I can't spoil them. Plus, I don't even love you."

Yeah, I mean. My life will ruin if I get married. I'll not be able to be free, I'll have boundaries, I'll get restricted. God knows how he'll react when he gets to know about my Victoria's Secret auditions. I haven't told anyone about it. No no no no no, getting married will spoilt it big time.

"So, you're rejecting me?" His face tensed up now. I could see those jaws clenching.

"Call it whatever you want." I said.

"You can't do that."

"Why? I just did." I yelled this time.

Why is he being so stubborn? I don't get it

"No babe, you can't do that. If you would have told this to your Grandpa yourself, then I wouldn't have come here, I wouldn't give a damn, but now, I do."


"You'll know once we get married."

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