Marrying Lucas Hernandez

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Chapter 2

Marrying Lucas Hernandez


"No, no, no, no, no this is not happening ma."

" I cannot get married I'm fucking 25 and he's what ? 27? I mean.. he isn't compatible with me.. he doesn't look nice, I mean.. he's rude, cocky, arrogant. Ma, Pa, nope, this isn't happening."

I looked at my parents who were sitting in front of me while I walked up and down shooting about how bad my first meeting with Lucas was, how bad he is and what not. To my surprise, mg parents still had a wicked grin on their face. I didnt know what was that for..

"What?" I looked at them both dumbfounded.

"Jess, you're judging him." Mum said in her calm voice and dad nodded.

"Judging? You know I don't judge people."

"Jessian, darling.. your grandpa wants this. He has wanted this since so long. Do this for him." Dad said before he and mum stood up and went out of my room.

Do this for grandpa? He means I should tie myself down and leave my dreams for this guy?

I don't think I'm ready yet..

Why don't ma and pa understand this?

Maybe I should go talk to grandpa.


It was 11:55 in the night. Well, almost five minutes left for grandpy's birthday. I had baked for him because he loved it when I baked for him. When I was younger, I baked almost everyday and granpa used to eat everything and then I had to bake something for ma and pa again. Once grandpa was unwell and I was really worried.. I remember I cried all through the baking process that day. When I took the brownies to him, he was sleeping and his room looked like a hospital room, medicines around him, smelled like medicines and Grandpy was laying there, on his bed, looking so pale.

That day when I entered his room, he woke upon his own and his eyes were fixed on the brownies. I gave him one and he ate it with so much happiness. The next day when I woke up, I remember dad told my grandpa was better now and that he said it was because of Jessian's brownies. From that day Grandpa called my brownies magical.

But after I became a model, I didn't really bake much. Just did that when I was really nervous. Baking helps me ease out and is a good distraction.

I reached grandpa's room and slowly crept in. To my surprise, grandpa was awake and was looking at some old pictures with granna.

"Oh hi there, Jessie." He said.

"Hello there, Grandpy."

I sat down on his bed with him. He had scattered ao many pictures on his bed. Pictures of him and granna, mum and dad, dad with granna, me with granna, me with him, me with ma and pa.

"I see someone's going down the memory lane." I said.

"Aah, I was looking at these pictures and wondering how fast did these 70 years go." He looked at me and smiled.

"Turning 70 in" I looked at my watch, " five, four three two one happy birthday granpyyyy!"

"Thank you Jessie darling, can eat that now..?" He said eyeing the cake that I had baked.

"Ofcourse, birthday boy."

He took the plate and started eating the cake.

"How is it?"

"Magical. Jessie's magical cake."

I loved the smile that my grandfather had on his face. He looked so happy at this moment and all I wanted was for him to be this happy all the time and I wished if I could I bake for him everyday like old days.

"So.. what does my birthday boy want from Little Jessie?" I said, looking at him once he was done with eating.

"Marry Lucas." Granpa said with a rather straight face.

"About that... Grandpa.." I began explaining.

"About that Jessian, I know.. I get it. You feel you're not ready. You feel we're trying to tie you down, but my girl, there is more to it."

I raised my head which was fixed at my childhood pictures all this time.

Grandpa picked a picture of me with granna. This was probably one of the five photos I had with her. These five pictures were all that I had to remember the little time I spent with granna. She died when I was one.

"She loved you so much Jessie." He looked at a picture of me and granna and held it up in his hand.

"Did she now?" I asked.

"Yeah. She wanted the world for you. You were our little princess. She loved you with all her heart Jessian. She wanted something.. kind of her last wish. That was for my family and The Hernandez's family to get united. You know why?"

I shook my head.

"Luca's granna and your granna were childhood best friends. They lived nearby and then your granna shifted to a different country and got married and didn't really talk to her best friend since. One day, we had an Army Ball and there she met her long lost best friend again. She was delighted Jessie. Both of them were inseparable. They laughed the night away. We all sat at the dinner table, me your granna, Lucas's grandparents. We danced and drank the night away. It was one crazy night. Then, it was time to leave. Gina clearly didn't want that. She got so emotional in the car. I remember she said something while she thought I didn't remember it, but I do remember it."

"What did she say?" I looked at Grandpa eagerly.

"What if we all became a family, Harrison. How nice would that be and then she laughed and didn't really say anything throughout the whole ride back home. I noticed her eyes, I saw tears in there. She really wanted it."

"Then, why didn't you let Dad marry their daughter or something like that?"

"We both had only sons."

"Isabella..Ugh.. nope.. she already loved Matt."

"Your sister found her love when she was sixteen and I knew she and Matt would get married. It was so evident. I couldn't take her happiness away. Your granna wouldn't want that would she?"

"She wouldn't. Then why me? Because I don't have a love story? I don't have a lover? The love of my life left me when I was eighteen and since then I haven't been able to find love?" I said because I don't really get this logic. Was this even a logic? I don't know.. why me?

"Maybe you'll find love now." That's all Grandpa could say before mum and dad barged into his room with candle and cake.


"So you're saying that you don't really know anything about him?"


"Are even a girl? I mean.. which girl doesn't know about Lucas Hernandez?" Jenna said from the other side. I called her the first thing in the morning.

"Umm..Will you help me out please?"

"Babe, just google it."

And then she hung up.

Should I really google him? No. No. No.

Or should I ?

Well, here goes nothing.

" Lucas Hernandez.. heir to the Hernandez empire ... Followed his passion instead...Twenty six..Tall, handsome, has girls going crazy over him.. joined Vatican FC when he was 20... Is the captain of Vatican FC. Footballer of the year 2015, 2016"

Ooh.. that sounds interesting. Maybe I should go check him up on YouTube.

Jess.. no you're not doing that.. oh well fuck it.

Before I could go back, tonnes of vidoes of him loaded. From football matches to award shows from paparazzi following him to the girls he has dated. Every little thing. I looked at the clock. I knew I had all the time.

Let's get to know 'the husband to be' now.. all we?


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