Marrying Lucas Hernandez

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Chapter 3

Marrying Lucas Hernandez


I have a plan!

And I'm so excited to execute it. Let the wedding prep begin.

Yep, I agreed to this bullshit and my family is so happy. I mean, dad is coming to me and thanking me and Grandpa, don't even ask about him.. he's on cloud nine. He is so busy with the preparations. So busy, he has forgotten about his health. Mom, however, keeps giving me those glares because she feels I am up to something. Well, I am up to something.

I have made a decisive plan to make this one month a living hell for everyone. I will do all the crazy, unbelievable, so not me things. I'll do anything and everything to piss Lucas Hernandez and his grandfather. I'll be so clingy he'll get pissed and he, himself will reject me. Wow, I'm so excited to act as a super sticky girl!

"Jess, are you coming down now?" Mom shouted. Today we have to go buy the wedding dress. Lucas Hernandez is accompanying me and mom. I don't know why he is tagging along but it's cool that he is. I'll start my plan the sooner the better. I'll be so irritating that he would run away and ask his grandfather to stop the wedding.

"Ready?" Mom looked at me, her eyes were gleaming with joy and love. Oh mom! Don't give me those lovely love filled eyes now. Don't make me weak. This isn't my real wedding dress selection day. It's just a wedding that I'm going to stop by any means.

"As ready as I'll ever be mama."

We sat in the car side by side and suddenly, mom took my hand in hers and looked at the engagement ring that was shining on my hand. Yes, we did have a small engagement on Grandpa's birthday last week. I didn't know the Hernandez's were so ready for it. They had brought a ring already.

To talk about the ring.. well this ring is everything I ever wanted in my engagement ring as a little girl. It was big and shiny and it was made of white gold. It was beautiful and I stared at it for so long that night.

The moment when Lucas Hernandez put that ring on my finger was the moment I knew that this shit is getting real. I knew from that moment that I have to come up with a plan and I have to get rid of this guy. The look of 'I win' in his eyes made me feel so bad. Jessian Riveras never gives up. She never loses.

So now, I have a plan and I'm starting it today.

"Jess? Are you listening?" Mom, who was still holding my hand said.

"Oh yeah mom I am."

"Lucas is a great guy."

Yeah right he is.. ever tried googling him? Don't do it mama you'll die of a heart attack looking at his reputation.

" He has such a busy schedule and he took off from a match to be here today."

"Yeah." Thats because he wants to make me realize that he won.

" I told him not to come because he anyways, won't be able to look at the wedding dress. The groom shouldn't see his bride in her wedding dress before the big day, it's a bad thing." Mom continued going on about some traditions and stuff.

Now is it a bad thing ?


We reached the designer showroom and I personally chose the designer who makes wedding dresses that would make you go oomph. His gowns are sexy and outrageous at times and that's exactly what I need today. Something to scare away Lucas Hernandez.

I, personally, wanted to wear a white gown on my wedding. Like every other girl, I have hopes and dreams about my wedding day. I wanted a classy and subtle look. Well, it would depend on the destination and the whole setup.. whether it will be a night wedding or a day wedding. But for this arrangement, I have to give up my ideal gown preference and go for something red carpet like, so that I piss everyone off.

"Hello there, beautiful." Lucas stood in front of me and kissed my cheek. Mom had already entered the store and I was standing right outside.

Since the day we got engaged, tabloids have gone crazy. It's all over the media, all over the Internet. I'm literally risking my reputation to get away from all this. After the engagement, Lucas went to Italy to play along with his team and he would call me before and after the match and since then, he's been calling me 'beautiful' and I don't know why is he acting all caring and stuff. I mean, I know his reputation with girls, I know he's such a play boy and I know he's forced into this thing too, but I don't understand his caring attitude towards me.

I ignored his gesture and walked inside the store. As soon as I got inside I started eyeing at all the dresses and looked for something not all traditional.

Jess, remember, no whites and no lace and no simple dresses.

I went to the shiniest area with the shiniest dresses. I looked at one dress which was too shiny for me and was too covered.

"How is this mom?"

"You want a gold dress? Go for a white one Jess-"

"Aah, let her pick whatever she wants Mrs Riveras." Lucas interrupted mom.

I looked at him and gave him a smile. Okay.. calm down Jess. Go for an outrageous one now. That'll work.

"Yah, this one!" I turned to see a dress that Lucas picked out. That dress was sexy. Well, to call it sexy was an understatement. It was hot and it was nothing what my mom and dad and my grandfather would like to wear on my wedding day. My family wanted something traditional and it was nothing like traditional. It was strappy, had a low back and a very low V neckline and it was shimmery and gold and all things that I would love to wear at a party and not my wedding.

"Are you sure Lucas?" My mom asked him and he just smiled. God! That smile was so sweet. I mean, who wouldn't like her husband to be to pick out a dress for her? I would love it but it would be cool when the husband of my choice would do it. Not some random hot as hell looking footballer who I have stalked so many times..

Control those hormones Jess. You need to hate him.

"Go an try it Jess." He gave me the dress and I was dumbfounded. Is he actually agreeing for me to wear a so not acceptable dress to my wedding? I thought he would piss off or something.. but damn!!! How do I irritate him?

I took the dress from his hands and walked inside and tried on the dress. Well, the dress was gorgeous. It was beautiful and I looked wonderful in it. But was it the dress that I would wear to my real wedding.. no.

I wore the dress and stood inside the changing room. I wanted Lucas to watch me and see me in this dress. I remembered mom said something about the groom looking at his bride in the dress being a bad things and I wanted to do the bad things. So I put my head near the door and heard my mom's phone ring. She excused herself and went out. Show time I guess?

I walked out from the changing room slowly and steadily, careful not to mishandle the dress.

"You look gorgeous." Lucas, who was atbdjng right in front of me, said.

"Seriously, why are you doing this?" I asked in disbelief.

"What am I doing?"

"This." I looked down at mt dress and said.

"You liked this dress didn't you? If you don't let's try another one."

"Lucas.. this isn't a joke..This dress isn't something my parents would let me wear on my wedding."

"But you like it don't you?"

I nodded.

"Then leave everything else to me." He said with a smile his fangirls would die to see.

"What will you do?"

"If my wife wants something, no one can stop her from getting that."

Oh boy!


"No ifs and no buts babe. You look ravishing and you'll walk down the aisle in this dress no matter how sexy and inappropriate it is."

So he thinks this dress is inappropriate.. then I better buy it.

"Jessian" mom stared at me. Shocked.

"Mom, Lucas liked this. I'll buy this." Mom was shocked and I knew what was the reason of her shock. This dress and the fact that I came out and Lucas saw me in it.

"We'll take it." Lucas said to the owner and within seconds.. my dress was packed and ready.

What now Jessian Riveras?

Guess I'll have to think of more ways to irritate this man because right now he was being too sweet. Agreeing to everything I say without a word.

"Guess I'll see you at the wedding now."

What? Won't he come to see me before that?

Jess did you just say that?

"Umm okay." I said.

"You'll look lovely and you'll make this dress look lovely. Don't worry about grandpa I'll talk to him." He kissed my cheek and hugged me for a brief minute and I'll tell you what.. I felt butterflies in my stomach and tingles all over my body.

Damn, this isn't right.


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