Marrying Lucas Hernandez

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Chapter 4

Marrying Lucas Hernandez


"MarcaMagazine just came out and guess who's slaying on the cover? My darling Jessian Riveras soon to be Hernandez!"

My manager, also my best friend, Jena told me. Ha! She seems to be so excited about this wedding, I'm telling you. More excited than I am

"Very well, how did the Vogue meeting go? Is that shoot final or do I need to meet them again?"

"Aah! About that.. after hearing your engagement news, they couldn't ignore you."

I looked at Jena.

"What?" She said unsurely.

"Jena, what do you mean by because of my engagement?"

"Okay, listen up Jessian, the fact that you are going to be Mrs Lucas Hernandez makes you the hot property. You are desired, not only in Spain but in UK and US and all over Europe. People are loving you because of that news. Before that, no one knew who Jessian Riveras was. I know this is hard, but babe, it is what it is."

"Jena, I want to make my own place in the industry. I dont want to take someone's name in my benefit. Oh god! This is so wrong." I was angry. Well, I was beyond angry. To say I was angry was an understatement. I agreed for this wedding just because of my family not because I wanted to get everyone's attention. Definitely not because I wanted to use his popularity.

"Jess, my dear friend, you'll have to adjust with the fact that your fiancé is much more famous than you are and your image will be effected by him. I know this sucks. I know you want things all by yourself but my darling, you'll have to learn to handle it. And i am sorry I'm breaking this kinda at th1w wrong time, but you have an interview scheduled with him, today."


Didn't he say that he'll next meet me at the wedding next month?

"Why so astonished baby doll? You should be happy that you get to see your devilishly handsome fiancé before the wedding."

"Hahhahaha, as if." I fake laughed and Jena eyed me and gave me a death glare.

"Oh come on Jess, he is coming all the way to Spain to see you and to do this interview and to have dinner with you."

"Dinner? Where did that come from?" I was so angry right now. Why dinner..? I mean.. i cannot stand that guy for a minute, forget about dinner.

"You know what Jena, tell him I'm not well, or maybe I'm stuck in meetings and I cant meet him. Say anything just cancel it."

" Oh whats with you Jess? You are ignoring that guy like plague. He is coming here amidst a very tight schedule. I know you've been ignoring his calls and texts. You should not Jess, don't. That guy has a packed schedule and he still is coming here just for a few hours ' to see his wife to be' as he says it."

"Did he say that?" I looked at Jena with something very weird in my stomach. I guess these words made me melt. I know I've been ignoring him and i don't want to hear from him but I have to agree that poor boy is trying. He even said in an interview that he is bowled over by his woman and he did something really sweet when he scored in his match last week, he blew a kiss at the camera and mouthed my name as if he knew I was watching the match. Well, I was. I stayed up late to watch a match and I didnt care about the dark circles for once.

Believe it or not, his gestures are making him someone really precious to me. I won't say I have fallen for him, but I am liking the attention I get from him.

"Okay, Jess now go get ready we need to head out and complete the work you've got today before four. You have the interview at five and after that you love birds are free to go to dinner."

" Love birds? Really?" I gave a scrunched up, irritated look to Jena.

"You will be.. soon."


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