Marrying Lucas Hernandez

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Chapter 5

Marrying Lucas Hernandez


"Do I really have to go ?" I asked Jena over the phone.

"Yes!!! Jessian Riveras!! Yes!!!" She screamed at me, literally!

"You're the worst Jena."

"Jess, that man is a fucking hunk! You're not excited to see him ?"

Should I be honest with her ?

"Well, to be honest, I am kinda excited Jen.. I'm actually so excited that I'm in my walk in closet, looking at my options for tonight's dinner."

"I knew it! I knew you'll fall for his charms one day Jess."

Have I fallen for his charms ? Ughhh ewwww no!! He's probably fucking around some random girl as we speak..

"Hahaha very funny Jen, I'll go now. Need to get ready for the playboy."

I cut the call and then I went back to looking at my options for tonight. I wouldn't have cared about what I was going to wear but then I came up with a plan, a plan to be sooo irritating that he calls of the engagement himself. And for this plan, I need to wear something special.. something extra, something skimpy! I went through the skimpiest dresses I had in my wardrobe. The dresses I had but I never wore, designers sent me these, but those kinda dresses are not my style even though I wear them for shoots. Just not my personal style. But today, I'll have to go the extra mile, and just be as extra version of Jessian as I can be.

I picked out a wine bustier ruched dress.. it showed ample cleavage, something I would not have normally liked for a dinner, it was tight and accentuated my curves ALOT, it was just a little too much according to me. But to make Lucas Hernandez leave, this dress just might be the one!

( This is the idea of the dress Jess is wearing, but just imagine it to be shorter )

I did my make-up, got ready and drove to the address he had texted me. The audacity of this man, didn't even come to pick me up like a gentleman that he claims himself to be! I reached the venue, Le Reballe, it was an Italian restaurant that I last went to when it had just opened up a year ago.

I parked my car, got out of it and was almost standing outside the restaurant for good ten minutes, still no sign of him.

Is he inside ? Will he not even be gentlemanly enough to atleast come outside and take the girl inside with him.. not even when the girl is his own god damn fiancee ? Ugh, calm down Jess.. you know he's a dickhead. Just focus on your plan.

I adjusted my dress, pulled it a little above my thigh as high and as skimpy it could get. I walked inside and the place was surprisingly quiet.

"Is this place always so empty ?" I wondered..

I saw a round table, covered in rose petals, had a cute little envelope on it. It was for me, it had my name on it. I opened that envelope..

Take the stairs and follow them along..

- L

Wow, is this playboy playing one of his hide and seek games with me ?

I took the spiral staircase and kept climbing the stairs until I reached the very end of it and saw a gate..must be the terrace I thought, on the gate, stuck another envelope, this one also had my name on it.. I double checked just to be sure I'm not spoiling someone else's surprise or something..

I opened the envelope..

Welcome Fiancée


At that point, I have to admit, I had a little smile on my face.. maybe because even though I did not know what was going to happen once I open that door, this surprise thing was making me excited and no one had ever done that for me.. and here I was, dressed in a short dress that was over revealing, that was definitely not appropriate, that was barely covering my butt.. I felt the guilt kick in and I adjusted my dress, just pulled it down. I couldn't do anything about the cleavage though.

I pushed open the gate, and what I saw, was probably the most beautiful setup I've ever seen. Twinkling lights on the terrace, one table right in the middle of the terrace, two chairs on the opposite sides of the table that were obviously for us, but the lights hanging around the whole terrace, blew me away.. I walked closer to the table and was almost about to sit down when..


I jumped a little, shocked, because I wasn't expecting him to come out, out of nowhere.. I turned around and there he was.. in a suit, all fit him perfectly.. his hair gelled back, swept at the back.. he had a smile on his face that was innocent. On came the guilt trip, once again. And suddenly I got concious of what I was wearing and how wrong am I for hatching out this evil plan.. to irritate and scare off a handsome, hunk of a man like Lucas Hernandez.. who by the way.. was now inches away from me.

"Hi there!" I said, shyly.

"You look beautiful." He said in my ear as, we have each other a hug.

Really ? I know for a fact that I have gone overboard with the dress and my makeup and you find it beautiful ? What are you doing Lucas ? You're supposed to resent this.. you're supposed to get scared and run away.. not find all this extra make-up I have on my face, beautiful..

"Thanks, you don't look too bad either." I said as we both sat down.

"Well, I try." He said playfully with his million dollar smile on full display.

God, that smile is gorgeous!

"Is this place always this empty or have you pulled some strings and made this happen ?" I asked as he poured some champagne in my glass. Wait! Why were we drinking champagne though, well who cares? I was too busy looking at Lucas and his and his smile and his hair and his gorgeous face.

He leaned forward, and asked me to do the same.. I pulled my seat closer to the table and leaned forward, he acted as if he's trying to whisper something, like a kid.. which was just soo cute.

Jessian STOP!!

"I own this place." He said.

"Hahahaha, you must be joking." I sat back on my seat and laughed at his joke.

"Umm well, I co - own this place and that's not a joke." He said with a smile and I knew at that moment that, he wasn't lying.

As the night went on, we ate our food and I did try to be as mannerless as I could be, but I don't think that worked because he just smiled and helped me. I don't know what to do anymore. I have bought the most outrageous, red carpet-ey, glittery revealing dress for my wedding and he is fine with that. I wore the most horrible dress on this sweet dinner surprise he organised and I am totally looking out of place and he still found me beautiful.. what is up with him ? Maybe it's all accumulating and he's blast on me one day ? But I need him to blast as soon as possible so that we can call off the wedding.

After the waiter cleared our table, Lucas asked me to dance with him. And so, I danced with Lucas Hernandez on one of my favourite love song, take my breath away and how weird is it, that he is.. day by day, taking my breath away.

"Why are you doing this, Jessian?" Our faces were merely inches apart when Lucas asked me this.

"Doing what?" I really did not have any idea about what he meant by this.

"The gown, this dress.. trying to scare me away are you ?"

I and no answer. Absolutely nothing came out of my mouth. I just shook my head, smiled a little, and lowered my face, now drowning in guilt.

Here I have a man, who is arranged to be married to me, who is without even knowing me, trying to make this work, being soo nice to me and all I was thinking of was how to make him run away and leave. My independence. My freedom. My career. Should I also give this a chance ? I wasn't thinking about all this earlier, but now I am.

We walked out of La Reballe and went into the parking to my car, I returned his coat jacket that he had given me as it had started getting chilly outside.

"Thanks." I said.

"We'll meet on our wedding day now." He said. With the most sweetest smile on his face and sparkle in his eyes.

"Why? You aren't coming to mom's birthday next week ?" I asked. I thought we had invited him and his family. It made me kinda sad to hear he won't be there.

"Aah, nope. I have got a match. Next two months are totally packed. I literally could get only off day and that's our wedding day. "

Our wedding.. sounds so weird. More so when I don't even know where is the wedding happening, the venue, the decor, anything.. I don't know anything and it feels like I just keep feeling guilty.

"Alright then, see you on the wedding!" I said, the word wedding just makes me more awkward everytime I try to imagine the wedding. Especially in that dress.. I need to get another dress I guess.. now that I've decided to give this a try.

"Yeah, goodnight Jessian." He said and gave me a kiss on my cheek.

For a few seconds I could not process what just happened, but then I snap out of it, sat in my car and drove away.

I'm getting married next month. To a guy who is famous, most probably a playboy, a heartbreaker, there's a chance he's got a kid too, hiding somewhere.. and he's handsome and he's got an absolutely gorgeous smile, is kinda cute not gonna lie, all in all.. is amazing to me as of now, and no matter how much the word wedding makes me scared, I'm excited for it now.


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