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Chapter 2

What is this feeling. Feeling of heaviness that stinks all the way to the bottom. A feeling I know all too well. Something so driven to be invisible not be named by no man or woman. I’m tired but I can’t fall asleep. A type of tire that holds as if you’re a joke. Your distant you put back up your defenses. The yellows might have been too much. The heart of my obsession in the heart of your less have combined together to to create them. Hey Leo seeking attention and a Gemini holding a feeling. Your dreams are nowhere near the roads of mine. What's on your mind? Is doomsday coming. I remember that powerful feelings you touching me burning straight down to my core . And dressed me like I was the night sky and you were looking to discover something new and different .My feelings are not known they will never be known. Are you planning on caving in one last time to what we both crave or will you let me go let this go without intoxication?
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