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Chapter 3

It’s over, a path I once held with such regard is over. My love. My first love. Moved on. I hate it but what I hate the most is how I don’t hate you, you have broken me to a spectacle of what I hate the most. We’re friends but Bodies may never again intertwine. But the obsession is still there. I’ve cried, felt sad, angry even. But in my heart you were mine even if he didn't belong to me. Nevertheless I can say I’m happy for the memories we share and saddened that they may be over . didn’t understand why you wanted to stop. It hurts more that I do
did you love me? Was our love for each other the same? Is heavy feeling of unwavering emotion is consuming. I just hope in the future you still be there.despite myself if you change your mind I would jump at the chance to entangle my body with yours and give myself over again . The obsession and craziness that I get from you is stronger than any drug I can consume. My love , My downfall, My remdy,and out right killer. Again the semi or completely toxic nature of our relationship will arise itself again. Cause are needs will never stop needing to be met free we use each other until nothing is left but for now for your future for my own it’s done.
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