My Billion Dollar Worth Husband

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2 Years Later

2 years later Portcia graduated from school with flying colors. She topped her class. All the Teachers were happy for her. They always trusted in her abilities.

Portcia was always humble towards her classmates as well. She would help them whenever they needed any. So most of her classmates liked her for who she really was. She was poorer compared to their riches but heart and soul were pure. Many of them admired her will and determination to excel in her studies.

After spending some time with her classmates, Portcia hurried back to the Diner to tell Mrs. Elle and her Diner Family about her result. She was beyond impressed with her own ablilities. She did not only excel in her studies but also topped in her class. She was the only person who scored 98% in the whole Springfield High School.

While on her way back she saw Céline. Céline stopped in the middle of the road and ran towards Portcia. Portcia stood still and watched her best friend ran towards her.

"Oh Portcia! Where have you been all these years? It's me Céline Adams, remember? We used to be best friends in Martiniere High. I miss you Portcia."

Portcia stood still, unable to react to Céline conversation.

"Portcia, are you okay?"

Portcia then broke down covering her face with her palms. She finally realized the special bond she had with Céline since their childhood days. While she was bullied back in Martiniere High, Céline would stand up for her. Céline knew everything about Portcia's life. She loved her like her Sister. Their Friendship was special. They both had been there for each other until Portcia was stopped from attending school by her Aunts and Uncles 8 years ago. Portcia was just 13years old when her Grandmother passed away. Since then they both hadn't seen each other.

Céline knew that Portcia had lived a hard life since her Grandmother passed away. She even tried to pay her a visit but she was chased away by her rude Aunts and Uncles.

Céline has been trying to meet Portcia for 8 years but in vain. She knew she was suffering under the care of her so called relatives who were only bearing her presence for a piece of land and a small house which was in Portcia's name.

Luckily Céline met Portcia this day. She was happy to see her after a long time yet sad for her unfortunate fate.

Seeing her friend sad Céline sat beside Portcia. She felt guilty for not being a good friend. She knew her friend has been suffering all these years yet she was helpless.

She rested her hand on Portcia's shoulder and said, "Portcia I'm sorry for not being by your side when you needed me the most. You know I tried to visit you so many times but every single time, either your uncle or aunt would chased me out. So I gave up. I knew I'd see you one day."

Portcia stopped crying and stared at Céline.
"You came to see me? I never knew that. I thought you despise me like everyone else just because I don't have nice clothes to wear or a good house to live in."

Shocked Céline stared back at Portcia with her eyes wide open for sometime and then burst out laughing.
"Stupid! My friendship isn't that cheap. Don't ever think so silly of me." Then they both laughed together.

Both the friends hugged each other and talked about all the years they have missed together. Portcia gave her the highlights of her not so amazing yet sentimental life and how Mrs Elle has been paying for her Education without the knowledge of her golddigger Uncles and Aunts.

Upon hearing about all the dramas and traumas Céline was stunned for a while. She felt bad for her best friend but at the same time felt happy too that she had a guardian angel to look after her. Both the friends walked hand in hand and entered Elle's Diner.

Mrs. Elle welcomed Portcia with a warm hug and a special cake to celebrate her Graduation. Céline was very happy too. Mrs. Elle hugged Céline too and they all gathered to celebrate Portcia's high school graduation.
While everybody was enjoying the day an unfamiliar face showed up at the Diner unexpectedly! Portcia was still in her uniform. Seeing the figure standing in front of her Portcia trembled. The man walked straight past to where Portcia stood and grabbed her by arm. Then he dragged Portcia outside the Diner.

The man was none other than her uncle Jil Lauper. He was sweating and his face was red with anger. He looked dirty as if he was up all night gambling and drinking.

Portcia cried, "Uncle what are you doing? Leave me please! My arm hurts!"

The man stopped then turned towards her and roared, "Why are you wearing the uniform of Spring Field High?"

Portcia trembled. Just when she was about to say something, Mrs. Elle stood in front of her and slapped Jill hard on his face. The slap was hard enough to see stars in the daytime especially when a person is drunk and haven't slept the whole night.

Angry Jill charged towards Mrs Elle when a tall, muscular and strong guy of aged 20, Calvin stood in front of Jill and grabbed him by neck. He was the only Son of Mrs.Elle.

"If you dare touch my Mom, I will cut you into pieces and feed you to my dogs. Do you understand me?" roared Calvin.

"What did you say kid? Do you even know who I am?" Screamed Jill.

"You think I don't know you? The notorious Jill Lauper?" Scoffed Calvin

"What do you mean by notorious?"

Jill couldn't believe that young teenager Calvin would dare to call him "notorious."

Taken aback he pushed Calvin and tried to punch him. The moment he made the move, Calvin caught hold of his hand and punched him thrice which made Jill fall flat on the ground. Jill has been drinking all night so he didn't had the strength to get up and challenge. He quietly got up in haste and disappeared from the sight.

After the drama ended everybody went back inside the Diner and celebrated Portcia's graduation party. Even though the small party made Portcia happy inside she was worried about getting home and facing her uncle. She knew she'd never be allowed to come out again. Not after what happened later today.

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