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Grounded For Life

After the party was over, Portcia went home. When she stepped inside the compound her uncle Jill dragged her inside the house and led out all his anger. He kicked her multiple times and fractured her right leg so that she won't be able to leave home ever again. Poor Portcia was bleeding and unconscious from getting punched and kicked multiple times. Her soft delicate skin had multiple cuts from getting dragged inside the house.

Jill was scared that she might die from the injuries so he locked her inside her room.
For a moment he had lost his consciousness and all he thought about was Calvin punching him. He wanted to take revenge but since he lacked the courage and strength to overpower Calvin he was helpless. The moment he saw Portcia his blood boiled with anger and instead he attacked the delicate girl. Portcia's uncles and aunties couldn't help her as all of them were scared of offending Jill.

The next day Portcia woke up in pain. Her whole body was sore. She could barely get up from bed. She moaned in pain and cried. She remembered her Grandmother. While she was alive, she would take care of her. Even though they were poor her grandmother made sure she didn't sleep empty stomach. Portcia was well fed throughout her childhood and taken care of. When she would fall sick her Grandmother used to sit by her side and fed her nutritious food. She didn't care about anything else but her grand daughter's health and happiness.

After her Grandmother passed away, Portcia never had a decent food unless she cooked herself. Her family would give her left overs whenever there was any delicious meals cooked by them. She never complained even though she felt bad.

Portcia herself was a very good cook so she never bothered about what her family cooked. She was well trained by her Grandmother. She even knows the secret recipe of their traditional home made wine. None of her uncles and aunties ever took the interest of learning it from their Mother.
Sometimes Portcia would secretly sell her wines for extra money. Her wine soon became popular and everybody ordered from her. When Jill learned about this from his fellow alcoholics and gamblers he stopped Portcia from making wines. Infact he was jealous that not even his wife learned from his Mother. The Lauper Family Wines used to be the most popular homemade wine in the whole of Springfield village when his Mother was in her 30s. She passed down the recipe to Stella and then Portcia but never to any of her other children.

Portcia tried to get up but in vain. She was helpless. While she was struggling to get up Jill's daughter Mandy came into her room with a bowl of soup and some noodles.
On seeing Portcia struggling to get up she hurriedly ran towards her bed and helped her get up. Portcia was surprised seeing her like this. She always bullied her and created necessary troubles all the time. Portcia used to be the one who was blamed for all her blunders.

"Why are you helping me?" Asked surprised Portcia.

"Because I was ordered too!" Replied Mandy rolling her eyes.

"Who ordered you?"

"Father! Now shut up and wash up or he won't grant me permission to go out! He is scared that you might die if we leave you unattended so he ordered me to look after what you eat till you get better!"

Portcia thought her uncle might have been sorry about his actions and ordered his daughter to look after her. Maybe there's still a bit of humanity left in him, atleast because I'm his blood?!

Just then Mandy interrupted, "He doesn't want this piece of land along with the house to go to some organizations if you just incase happen to die. The filthy old lady left everything to you. But if you die she has written in her will to be handed over to "We Care" Organization so they can build a school or health centre in this land. Something that'll benefit the undeserving losers of Springfield village! But my Dad has his ways to deal with all this! So it's important for you to have a teeny weeny life in your ugly body until my Father finds a way to deal with these shits!" Scoffed Mandy.

Portcia looked at herself in the mirror. She wanted to die that very moment but she decided to run away instead when she's old enough. After listening to all the nonsense from Mandy she finally decided to play along for sometime then disappear forever without any trace.

Soon 5 months passed by and Portcia was still Grounded but the greedy Lauper family was as usual looking for an opportunity to stab each other. The income they were generating altogether were not enough to run the house along with other expenses. Later it broke out into a fight. Neither of them wanted to live together but in order to survive they somehow reconciled and promised to look out for each other if ever such situation arises.

Portcia was leading her life in a prison like atmosphere. She was grounded for life. Jill stopped her movements completely. She was confined to the four walls of her room. She was not even allowed to walk outside the house. Portcia had learned to live with whatever shitty situation they put her with. She waited eagerly for the day when she could run away and explore the world. She couldn't just wait to breakfree from these chains and disappear somewhere to spend the rest of her life in peace.

She was very ambitious too. She wanted to attend college and fulfill her dreams. She wanted to have her own house, cars and companies. She was a dreamer. Her life experiences has made her stronger. She couldn't wait to fight back. She wants to be a powerful woman and be the voice of the voiceless like herself. She would do whatever it takes to fulfill that definition.

Ambitious Portcia was stronger now. She no longer cried like she used to while going to sleep. She knew it was almost time for her to disappear. Soon she fell asleep with a smile on her face.

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