My Billion Dollar Worth Husband

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Run Away Portcia! Live your dreams!

The next day Portcia suddenly woke up 15 minutes earlier. It was 5:30am. She usually wake up between 5:40-5:55am.

She got up and went into the kitchen to make a soup. While her soup was getting ready she went to brush. As she was brushing, she looked outside the window and saw Calvin heading towards forest carrying his axe as usual. The young man stole a glance at her but pretended to not see her. Portcia sighed and left. She went back into the kitchen to take her soup.

Since it was too early for The Laupers, every single one of them were still deeply asleep.
Portcia walked to and fro lost in her own thoughts. She was recalling all the bad things that had happened to her all these years. She couldn't even recalled the worst as everything she had gone through were all equally painful to even remember. She wanted to get away from all these desperately. She was 18 now yet she was still scared to trust people. She knew if she leaves now, she would have to make new friends inorder to survive in this cruel world.

Portcia was not dumb. She was very smart and intelligent. She can easily spot a bad person through their behavior and personality. So she was confident enough that if she ever leaves she can still survive. She was ready.

She quickly ran inside the room and packed the small duffle bag which belonged to her Mother once. She took one last glance outside the window, wiped her tears and carried the bag. As she was leaving, she heard Mandy whispering in the next room. She took a sneak peak and saw a blonde guy with Mandy on the bed. Surprisingly the guy was her school mate Joshua. Portcia made the weird face and quickly ran out of house without making a sound. At that very moment she felt alive again. The cool breeze lighted her soul the moment it touched her skin. She was finally free from the chains, from the torture and from the painful life. She always dreamt of this day and it was here now. Her happiness was priceless!

Portcia soon reached the Diner and met Mrs Elle.

"Portcia my child, what are you doing early in the morning?"

"Oh Mrs.Elle! I came here to see you one last time. I'm finally leaving Springfield village!!" Exclaimed Portcia.

"What? On your own?" Asked stunned Mrs. Elle

"Yes Ma'am! I am!" Replied Portcia with a smile.

"Oh dear Portcia!" Then hugged Mrs.Elle

They both hugged each other for sometime.

"My child, this world is full of pain. Be careful who you meet. Don't trust people easily. Go live your dreams. Spread your wings and fly. I'll always remember you."

Portcia shed tears of happiness.

"Mrs.Elle thank you for everything. You will always be my Fairy Godmother."

"O wait! I have something for you."
Mrs Elle went inside the Diner and came back with an envelope.
"My Child this is 25000$. Many years ago I took loan from your Mother as I was in need at that time. She loaned me this amount. Today I'm paying it back to you because I never got the opportunity to pay it back to her."

Then she took out another envelope and placed it on Portcia's hand.

"This is a gift from me to you. There's 5000$ inside. I'm sorry I couldn't give you more as my business is not sailing smoothly these days."

"Oh no Mrs Elle I can't take this money from you. You need it more than I do. Please keep it." Saying so, Portcia tried to give back the envelope.
However Mrs Elle was stubborn and in the end Portcia ended up accepting the envelope and they parted ways.

Portcia bade farewell to Mrs Elle and left the place where she spent her entire childhood with a smile. She wouldn't shed a single tear for the village which only left her in despair.

She kept walking for 45 minutes until she reached the viewpoint. It was a beautiful sight.

As she was admiring the beauty a strong man grabbed her from behind. He them covered her head with a sack and dragged her away into a unknown place in a truck. She kept wailing the whole time but the man pay no heed and kept on driving.
For a moment she thought it was a bad decision to run away from home. She was scared. She didn't know where she was being taken to. She remembered Mrs Elle warning. She tried all sorts of tricks to somehow distract the man but he kept on driving continuously. She knew she was being taken to a far away. After crying for a long time she felt asleep.

Meanwhile The Laupers kept searching for her from every nook and corner but all in vain. Even Mrs Elle denied she saw Portcia. They finally went home grumpy.
They were helpless now. Nobody in the entire village admitted of seeing Portcia. They all denied. Instead they blamed The Laupers of selling her away and staging a drama for the property so that when they fight legally for what they all eagerly wanted all these years, the whole village will bear witness to Portcia's disappearance.

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