My Billion Dollar Worth Husband

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You Are Unhealthy

After a long torturing drive the road towards the city started getting better and so the man driving the truck started singing with his weird husky voice.

"I wanna grow old with you
I wanna die lying in your arms
I wanna grow old with you
I wanna be looking in your eyes
I wanna be there for you
Sharing in everything you do
I wanna grow old with you"

Listening to the weird irritating husky voice Portcia woke up from her sleep. She tried to open the boot of the truck but in vain. After struggling to breakfree for sometime she gave up and waited for the man to stop the truck and take her out.

They've been driving for almost 7hrs. The man didn't even stop once. It seemed like he was in a hurry to get to the destination to hand over the delivery which was her. Portcia sweated profusely imagining the things that man was capable of doing to her.
Just as she was about to cry again the truck stopped.

Portcia could hear the man get down from the truck. The footsteps of the man came closer. Was the man about to open the boot of the truck? Portcia trembled and shrieked thinking there would be passersby. Grinning, the man open the boot revealing his old ugly face and dragged her out of the truck. Portcia was thrown on the muddy roadside. When she looked up, she saw a dirty two storey building. There were clothes hung on each and every balcony. Portcia saw Women and Children whose eyes were fixed on her from their balconies. Then there was a siren which alerted everyone.

Seeing there were people, Portcia tried to get up from the roadside and cried for help. None of the people bothered to help her. Instead they all got inside their rooms and shut the doors. The Man quickly dragged her inside the building and shut the door.

"Do not make any noise I'll be right back" Said the Man and got out of the building shutting the door behind him leaving Portcia inside.

"Ah! Master Smith ! Welcome to our humble neighborhood. How may I help you?"

The Man rolled down the windows of his Rolls Royce and took off his glasses. He shot a killer glance at Peter and signaled him to come closer.

Master Smith was the head of one of the most powerful Families in Bronx City. There were five powerful families- The Smiths, The Jones, The Evans, The Wilsons and The Johnsons. Nobody expected to see the lavish luxury car wandering at their dirty red light locality so the locality head turned on the siren thinking there would be a trouble. The rich would always looked down on poor in the Bronx City. Nobody dared to exchange glances with the rich in the Bronx.

Unexpectedly, today the luxurious car stopped by at the infamous Peter Willy's building. Peter was the most wanted criminal in the Bronx. He has been arrested many times for human trafficking, drugs and various notorious activities.

With Trembling hands Peter went near the car. In Master Smith's eyes he was nothing but a petty local gangster. Peter gazed up at him shaking by the powerful aura of the Man.

"Mr. Willy I gave you an order few weeks back, have you forgotten?"

With a shakey voice Peter replied, "Master, I have found a young girl but I'm not sure whether she'll live up to your expectations."

"Where is she?"

On the other side of the closed door, Portcia could hear the conversations which was loud and clear. From what she have heard just now she was sure the man Peter was selling her off to some Gangster Leader where she would be raped then killed and thrown somewhere. She couldn't even run away. Her hands and legs and legs were tied. Neither could she get up from the dirty floor. She cursed her fate and cried silently waiting for what was next.

"Master Smith, she's here. Please excuse me for sometime I'll bring her to you myself at the Mansion."

"I don't have time for your nonsense, bring her to me now!" Ordered Master Smith with his powerful aura.

Trembling, Peter hurriedly went inside and dragged Portcia out of the building like a pig tied and sold in the market. He was scared of Master Smith and pushed Portcia immediately inside the car.

Portcia was Trembling and sweating profusely. She looked at the Man beside her. He was a Fair skinned Man with Blue eyes. His hair was grey. Though he looked old his aura of power, command and confidence was something she has never seen in her entire life. Was this Man going to impregnate her? Why is he taking me? Who is he? There were so many questions currently on her mind.

"The money will be wired to you today." Commanded the Man and the car left the Bronx alley in secs. Peter grinned and went inside the building happily singing the same song.

In the Car

"What is your name Child?" Asked Master Smith

"Por.. Port.. Portcia"

The man smiled at Portcia and untied Portcia's hands and legs.

"Don't worry Child! I won't hurt you! My Wife is sick. She needs a company. She needs someone to look after her."

"So you're taking me so I can take care of your wife, Sir? asked Portcia with hope. If it was merely lokking after the ailing Mrs Smith, Portcia was ready and happy.

"Yes child! We need someone who can take care of her like her own child. We've had many nurses and caretakers till date but none could keep up with her temperament."

Portcia was surprised. "Temperament?"

"Yes! She's suffering from Alzheimers."

Portcia smiled and started talking freely with Mr Smith. "My Grandmother had Alzheimers too. I took care of her till the day she lost the battle. I will take care of her Sir. You won't be disappointed." Assured Portcia.

The Man smiled and continued their conversation.

"How old are you, Portcia?"

"Oh! I'm 18 Sir." Replied Portcia with a smile.

"Hmm. So how did Peter find you?"

"Well...." Portcia blurted out about how and why she ran away from home and how Peter found her to Master Smith.

"Hmmm Interesting! So you're very intelligent. Would you like to continue study too?" Asked Master Smith.

Portcia was happy and beyond impressed by his question. She directly replied, "Yes" without hesitation. She then talked about her big dreams to Master Smith. Little did she realized she was talking to one of the richest man in Bronx City. They had a long conversation. The man was impressed by her intelligence. She was innocent in his eyes.

Poor girl! How could life be so cruel to her at a tender age. I will always take care of her like my own. Life has been equally cruel to me too. I think it was our fate to meet each other.

After a 1hour drive they arrived at the city. Portcia looked out her window with her mouth wide open. She saw many tall skyscrapers. The city was beautifully lit, there were people walking on the busy streets. It was already December so the whole city was lit. She saw many luxury cars and people dressed in luxury clothes walking on the streets. It was like a dream. This city was beyond beautiful. She grew up in a small village where there were only small houses and small diners. Bronx City was like a dream to her. If this was her dream right now she never want to wake up anymore. She pinched herself hard and realized this really wasn't a dream. The Bronx City she always admired on Newspapers was where she was now.

Master Smith noticed Portcia pinching herself and making weird faces and smiled. She reminded him of a young girl from 19years ago. She had same eyes, same nose and acted the same way Portcia was right now. She was innocent too. Portcia reminded him of her the very first time he set his eyes on her.

Fate was cruel to him and even snatched that young girl away from his life forever.

"Portcia, this is The Smith Mansion. From now onwards, you will stay here. And this is an order" Commanded Master Smith as je got down from the Rolls Royce.

Portcia looked out the window and saw a beautiful castle. It was a very big Mansion which looked like a Castle. Portcia was surprised but did not dare to make a sound. She quietly followed Master Smith inside the Mansion.

Inside The Mansion

"Who is this horrendously skinny girl?" Screamed a lady in her 40s.

"She's Portcia. From today it's your responsibility to look after her and train her. Treat her well" Ordered Master Smith and went upstairs into his room.

The house was palatial from the inside just like Portcia has seen in movies. It was a beautiful well furnished house. Just as Portcia was admiring the house the lady stood in front of her and was staring at her in a weird way.

"What are you doing?" Asked Portcia taken aback by the weird look.

"You remind me of someone I knew long time ago. Never mind! Look at you! You are Unhealthy! Don't your Parents feed you? You look starved and ugh dirty! Go upstairs and to your left there is a room with a closet. Please clean yourself properly and come down. Your training starts from tonight."

Portcia was surprised. "Training?"

"No questions please hurry up!" And off she disappeared.

Portcia was left alone.

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