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It's a story about a girl who will do anything for her one and only crush.Even though she knew the consequences .She knew she had no chance of winning because of her many girlfriends.And she also knew that it will only stab her heart not for the first but also for the last. All she can do is obsessed and long for her one and only crush.He will hurt her and stab her a million times but non of that stop her.Some insult her and laugh at her but non of it change her in the inside. But what happen if the one you're obsessed with misses you? She is gone yet he is searching for her..

Romance / Drama
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Seraphina's POV.

'We all believe in true love right? Maybe some deny it but not me.I believe in it...well not forever.


We may get hurt sometimes because of someone or something that is like stabbing us from the front and the back.Or sometimes 'TAKE' something/someone that we like/love.

We can be greedy to that certain thing right?

Well for me it is..


I believe my true love comes from him..comes from my neighbor and classmate.I met him many times and he gave me a gift that i will forever cherish it.

And that is the 'WOUND' he gave me.He hurt me and humilate me but that never stop me.I keep on loving him and liking him to the point where my tear fall in front of him.

My heart is wounded and shatter because of him.I got the cold shoulder because of him.I love him yet he hurt me.I did not beg for any forgiveness nor love i just want him to let me like him until i stop.

It may be selfish to listen to it but that is what like/love means to me.I did not want someone liking me nor loving me i just want them to let me like them until i stop.it breaks my heart to see him happy with someone else but what really shatter my heart is him enduring the pain because of his past.

The world is cruel to me but i have no choice.I have to follow the path and was about to forget him when he went back to me that really move me.

Once again the obsessed girl fall for his longing crush.
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