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Seraphina's POV.

"What the heck is wrong with you?! Why can't you keep a sinple order?! My step mom yell.I can't help but feel ashamed of myself.Not that this is my fault it's because of this damn daughter of her's..


And now because of her fault my step mom turn to a dragon again.And now i'm being accused at broking the precious vase of her's which i don't care


'Damn you Layla!'

"You are grounded! Go to you're room!" She said that make my eyes widen in shock.

'Grounded? No! I can't be grounded! Not for the first day of school tommorrow!'

"Aunt! I can't skip tommorroww! I have classes!" She eyed me from head to toe with her cross arm and i can't help but gulp in this situation "Did i say tommorrow? *Scoff* not only did you broke my vase but also talk back to me now?"

I took a step on her and hold her one hand kneeling "I-im sorry aunt! I promise i'll do better but please don't lock me up! I really did not broke you're vase it was you're daughter that-"


The room went silent for a while. And i was also shock.This is the first time aunt slap me and it feel so weird and humilating.I wanted to cry but my tears are not falling..

"A-aunt..why did you-" i spoke in a shaky tone while hiding my cheek in my left where she slap. She just gave me a glare "Oh? You ask? Maybe it's because for 'NOT PARTING IN THIS FAMILY' and for talking back to me"

I couldn't utter a word.It hurts..Her words hurt too much.

'Why is she like this? It's not my fault that i was born..'

"Look at you.My daughter's looks are way more off the limit compare to you." This is aunt..When she can't find what's your'e weakness she will compare you to someone else.

And i know that she know i hate comaparing.Maybe because ever since i was an infant i wasn't the jelous person.I never met my mom and to what rumors says she is a good person with a devil inside.Which means her action bring her the worst.She is a fearless person and a carefree at the same time.

She is known for our old town called


And to my dad..Well he is a business man who got tired of me and no love nor hate with me.In others words he is a balanced person.He have no love he have no hate and he have no faith in me. Mom and his marriage are only arrange.He believe mom used him against money.But what he didn't realize is that mom is the only

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