My Heart Is You

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"People Change and You must know i'm one of them."

Romance / Humor
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Chapter 1

Euna's POV

"Ms.Euna it's time for you to wake up"my maid said.

"Ahhh please 5 more minutes" "Miss you need to wake up and take a shower because you're parents are coming here in ten minutes"

my eyes shot open because of what she said "why are they coming here Ali?"

"I don't know miss but when they called earlier it seems like they mad again, but don't worry miss"

How the heck can i not worry, my parents are always mad at me for small reasons sometimes when they are stress from their work they will put the blame on me even though i didn't do anything.

All they care about me is my grades and my reputation in school. By the way tomorrow im going to our first day in school im already in fourth year in highschool but sadly it doesn't even excites me not just like any other students because them they can see their friends again.

While me i sadly i don't have any friends because my parents says it's just a waste of time.

My parents loves each other really, but sadly they dont feel it in me because they say im just a mistake.

Of course it hurts but i always remember that im only the one who is fighting for myself because no one never stayed at my side i tend to be always strong but sometimes i can't do it anymore.

Well i have my cousins Zayn and Justin but they are living right now in America.

They call me sometimes asking if im fine if my mom and dad still is forcing me and, i hope this school year i can meet new friends because truth to be told i really need friends because i want to feel how to be comforted by one.

"Ali go downstairs i will follow after i'm done in my morning routine"

"yes miss by the way what do you want for breakfast?"
"Oh i want a pancake and a strawberry syrup and toppings."
"Okay okay little girl~" "hey that's mean"

Ali has been taking care of me for almost 10 years she first works here when i was six years old my old nanny left me because she is scared to mom and dad but Ali, no she is never scared of my parents she is a great girl for me in this household i only trust her.

I don't really care for some nicknames when she calls me when it's just the both of us.

After i did my morning routine i go downstairs to see my parents entering while glaring at me.

"Euna tomorrow morning when you go to school never associate with other people understand!"

My mother said while glaring daggers towards me. What she says never suprise me she told me that sentence for every time i go to school.

"Also remember euna be on top always i don't want you to be not on top or else"

or else what diswon me as your daughter? My thought says. "By the way your mother and i will not be home for 1 month we need to take care Gun Mafia"

oh i forgot to tell my mom and dad are leaders of their own mafia group called gun to be honest i don't really like that they love that stupid group than their daughter.

"Ms. ,sir and mam the breakfast us ready" ali said to us

"By the way honey our outside business malls and hotels are doing good no need to put stress onto it"
"I know i know but when the time comes i don't know if you euna will take care of it by the look of yours it seems like you can't do it" Okay that hurts but its okay im used to it.

"Dad mom im going upstairs" "who cares" they both said"

(Time skip)

6:00 am

"Ahhhh im still sleepy" it's so early now i remember i need to go to school.

I did my morning routine as usual and my class actually starts at 8 am but i need to be early. As my parents says.

7.45 am
Now im here in my school and to be honest im a little nervous . my fashion for today it's little extravagant because yesterday my mom choose this outfit for me because mom told me i need to stand out because my reputation should be always good.

Im a new transfer here because my old school well it's better if we not talk about it.

While im in the car watching the students talks with their friends i feel a little jelous i want to experience those but i know i cant.

Im walking through the gate and all the people in the hallway are looking at me right now well im wearing a red fitted skirt with black off shoulder on top and my hair is in ponytail and im wearing a light make up and a black heels.

Mom force me to wear this but sometimes i kinda like it because to be honest i kinda love some attention you know.

"Is she new she's so pretty" "i know right maybe she comes from a rich family by the looks of her"
"Oh boy now i have a new crush"
"No she's mine"

Those words are what im hearing right now but well i don't care im here to study not to flirt.

While i was going to faculty room to ask my schedule i hear some commotion on the other side of the hallway and when i turn my head there i saw them 3 handsome man walking while surrounded by girls and boys but mostly girls...

I decided to ask the girl beside me who is smiling like a idiot towards them." Umm excuse me miss why are the girls seems fangirling towards them are they a celebrity or some you know"

"Oh the new beautiful girl hehehe, to answer your question they are what they called the 3A it means 3 ace, wonderful right. Oh and their names is Roy Johnson, Mark Wang, and lastly Jinsoo Park they are actually the ace of the school so you know quite popular as you may think."

This girl im just asking her who they are, but she tells me about their life story or name.

But to be honest they are quite attractive for me but nope nope nope just try to avoid them and everything will go as my plans.

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