My Heart Is You

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Chapter 2

Third Person POV

Now it's 12 pm and Euna is very hungry so she decided to go to the cafeteria "it wouldn't be bad if i interact with people a little bit right?" She thought.

She's done buying the food that she want she decided to eat on last table across the door while she was eating 2 girls decided to come to her.

"Umm hi can we sit here cause the other tables are full already" the Girl with a wide smile says.

"Ah i really don't mind" Euna said while panicking a little.

"By the way you're the beautiful girl that we've seen earlier in the hallway right?"

"Omy how the heck can i answer this well im beautiful but i can't just brag about it so easily right?" Euna thought.

"Oh im not beautiful but maybe im the girl you've seen in the hallway" euna said while smiling a little.

"By the way im Sofhia and this is Ji ah" the smiley girl said.
"Oh by the way what's your name?" The girl name Ji ah said.

"Oh i'm euna" Euna said. "What a beautiful name maybe we can be friends?"

"I may want to be your friends but sorry i can't" Euna said sadly.
"Oh why is that?" Ji ah ask.

"My parents they will scold me if they will knew that i have made friends in school."

"O im sorry to hear that euna but don't worry we can be still be friends while your parents will not know." Sofhia said excitedly.

Euna's POV

Im still not sure if i'll be friends with them by the looks of them actually im sure they are genuine but how about my parents, i'm scared if the time that they will know i am sure they'll do something.

But trying won't be bad right? right?

"Maybe i can try" i said to the both of them.

"Really!" They both said while clapping excitedly. Cute.

While i'm talking to them the students in the cafeteria suddenly shouts and when i look on the door where they looking at i see them the 3A looking cool as usual. Wait did i say cool?no,no.

We just shrug our shoulders and continue in our talking, and i discover actually the three of us have the same class, pretty lucky right.

(Time skip)


"Ok class before i end this class i want to give you an assignment and i want you to do it in pairs." Our teacher said.

Ok,ok what the hell this is the first time i need to do an assignment while having a partner.

"Ok ok i'll now announce your partner guys"

"Ji ah Park and Jinsoo Park" our teacher said. Wait what the hell as long as i know Jinsoo park is part of the group 3A, So that means We girls have the same class as the 3A. Oh no what will i do...

"Next is Mark Wang and Sofhia Gray"

Please please no i hope no---
"Roy Johnson and Euna Lee"
Okay okay it's okay now everything will not be fine ahhhh help me all the goddess from the above why....

While I was talking to Sofhia and Ji ah i can feel someone starring at me so i secretly glance at my left side.....and there he is Roy Johnson staring the heck out of me and when our eyes met he fvking wink oh what the hell.

(Flashback ends)

"Ok class goodbye and have a nive day"our teacher said.
And why would i have a nice day when you pair me to Roy....

I was staring on our blackboard when someone taps on my shoulder and when i look at the source of it.

There he is Roy Johnson staring at me while smiling like a creep ok ok what the hell im not ready for this assignment my parents will surely kill me.

"Umm hi Euna"
"Hi" i said bluntly
" Can you please stop staring at the blackboard and let's talk about our assignment"

"Ok i'll do on my own and you do your part i don't want to be your partner to be honest" i said to him annoyed.

"Eh and why is that did you know that other girls are dying to be my partner in this assignme--
"Well i guess im not part of the girls who wants to be your partner" i cut him off.

"Ok that hurts but come on let's go to library and talk about our assignment."
"No? And why is that Euna" he ask me.

"I can't because there is someone watching me from afar"
Ok i don't understand why i told him that my parents guard are watching me but i feel i should.

Roy's POV
ok wait a minute when she said that someone is watching her im totally shocked because one is she someone from prestigious family or from ma-- no no that can't be.

When i check our surroundings i see someone at the door wearing a black suit ok she's right euna is right someone is watching her but it looks creepy. Especially he is watching me. What the hell.

"Sorry roy but i need to go um write your cellphone number here and i'll text you about our assignment." Euna said while continously staring at the blackboard.

And i write my number on a piece of paper and gave it to her.

"Now go before that man reports you to my parents" euna said softly to me.

"Euna are you sure?" I ask her because her guard already see me talking to her and im scared they will tell her parents about it. Wait why would i be scared?

"Yes now go roy i'll message you later"
"Ok, ok bye"
While im walking on the hallway i call someone on my phone

"Hello roy"
"David can you search someone for me?"
"Ok what the name"
"Euna Lee"
"Ok boy talk to you later bye.

I know many lee's especially on my father's business but you can assume something right?

1020 words

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