My Heart Is You

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Chapter 3

Euna's POV
It's now night already and i'm just here in my room studying and after i while i decided to text Roy to ask him about the assignment.


Um who is this


Oh Hi! Euna glad you text me

Im texting you only for assignment.

Wow can you please say Hi?

Hi. By the way as you know that i'm not allowed to go on your house or you go on my house maybe we can just email each other about all of our assignment.

Eh i want to see you

What the hell is this boy flirting on me?

Sad to say my parents don't allow me going to others house and especially me i don't want to go in your house.

Ok ok just chill ok no need to be mad

Im not mad ok.

I will just email you anything so bye and have a goodnight.

Ok fine bye.

Roy's POV

Ring ring

I stop working out when my phone suddenly rings.
"Hello david you got what i told you?"
"Yes and actually im totally shock on what just i find out."
"Ok ok your making me nervous now tell me"
"Euna Lee her parents is a mafia leaders" when those words left his mouth i drop the phone on the floor.

"Roy, roy bro what happened?"
"Oh nothing david, continue"

"So basically her parents is.....Dahyun Lee and Eula Lee....Your Father's enemy."
"Is euna also part of this mafia thing?"
"Oh bro you know what's interesting according on my research euna never wants to be part of her parent's mafia."

While i was talking to David our maid suddenly knock on my Gym's room.

"Come in.....oh why did you knock?"
"Sir your parents are downstairs."
"Oh ok ok tell them im taking a shower first."
"Ok sir."

"David let's continue this talk later my parents wants to see me."
"Ok bro talk to later and if i have time i can research more about them."
"No need atleast now i know something by the way thank you."

And with that i straightly go to the shower.

When i'm done showering i fastly wear my clothes and go downstairs.

"Mom, dad how have you've been"
"Hi son" my mother Alia said while kissing me on the cheeks.
"Sup Dad" i said while me and my dad is doing our very own Handshake.

"So how are you roy?" My father Peter Said.
"Everything's fine dad by the way where's justin and alexis?"
"Eh you're brat siblings are coming here in any minute they said they miss you" my mother said while smiling.

Me and my Family is different from any mafia family's, we love each other very much, especially my mom and dad and me and my siblings are what we called the brats because when three of us are in one place the word peace doesn't exist.

"Hello Peopleeeee"
"Helloooo my familiaaa"

Speaking of the brats

Justin Johnson the eldest of the johnson family while me is is next to him and lastly Alexis Johnson our Youngest.

"Hey brother nice to see you again" alexis said while hugging me, really i don't know what kind og girl is this sometimes annoying sometimes an angel and sometimes a devil.

"Hey bro watsup" my brother justin said.
"Im fine earlier but when you come im not anymore"

"Yah""ehh" both of them said while glaring on me.

"Ok ok stop that brats let's go to the kitchen and eat and of course i'll cook" mom said.

"Yesss" the three of us said while clapping.

"Eww you three slice the ingredients and help me there's no way you'll just sit there and relax."
"So honey it means i'll do nothing so goodluck brats and i'll go watch tv" before my father can walk my mother shouted.
"No come here get the plates and prepare it on the table." My mother said while glaring at my father."

"Hahahahahahah dad no tv for you" alexis said while laughing.

(Time skip)

My parents and siblings already left 10 minutes ago and while im going to my room i decided to chat euna.

Hi euna


What do you want.

Nothing just bored, maybe can i call you.

Wth no!



Please promise it won't take long

Wait i'll go to my room

Then it is a yes

Im here now call me

Roy's POV
Yes Finally i can hear her angelic voice again. When euna send me that message i straightly called her.

"Hi euna"
"Hi" wow so short.
"By the way what are you doing"
"Maybe talking to you?"
"Haha funny eu-- i can't finish my sentence when soneone shouted on the other side of the phone.

"EUNA! did i told you to talk on someone" this voice sounds very familiar.
"Mom no i--im not talking to anyone please give me my phone"
"No! Come here you shit"
"Ahhhhh-ah mom please stop it hurts mom pleasee"

What the hell i know now that voice belongs to Eula.i decided to end the call fastly before she can see the call line. After that i fastly get my keys and run to my garage.

I call david to ask him the location of euna right now.

"Sup bro.."
"David please give me the house location of euna please please be faster"
"Okay okay it really looks that you're very worried about euna it is the first time you are worried for a girl......okay she lives in xxx-xxxxxxxx-xxxx"
"Thank you David bye."

David's Pov
Im now very shock because of Roy as long as i remember he never gives a shit about girls, except his family but when i hear his voice earlier it really looks like he will cry in any moment.

Third person's Pov
Roy fastly drive his sports car towards euna's house after 15 minutes he finally arrives.

Fortunately Euna's Parents left many minutes ago...

Even though you didn't care for me i, myself will care and protect you with all of my heart.

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