My Heart Is You

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Chapter 4

Third Person's POV

When roy finally arrives in euna's place he fastly ring the doorbell and luckily it was opened by a not so old women.

"Hello how can i help you?"the women asks roy
"Is thia euna's house?" Even though roy surely knows this is euna's house he still ask the women.

"Yes yes this is where euna lives, by the way do she know you?"
"Yes i am euna's friend actually euna called me and ask me to come here because there is some assignment we want to finish fastly."
He lied, because he don't want the women to suspect anything

"Oh that's a first time but ok ok it seems you are to be trusted so come in and i'll tell euna that you are here already."

"Um maybe i can personally go to her because when she text me she told me to go to her room straightly."

"Oh ok ok by the way here's a key because earlier when i tried to open her door's room it's closed and maybe she is sleeping or in bathroom."

"Oh ok thank you by the way."

Roy's POV

Finally im in front of euna's room i decided to knock first because maybe she will open it but unfortunately it doesn't open.

I tried the key and it finally opens and what i saw is not what i've expected......there she is euna crying in floor with glass shattered everywhere in her room.

I slowly go to her and when i can see her closely i can see blood dripping in her forearm and her face is full of scratches.

"EUNA! what happen please....did your mother did this to you."
she finally acknowledge my presence and her eyes widened.

"W-what a-a-re you doing here roy"
"I hear what happen on the phone call and decided to come here."

"Just go my mom will definetly see you"
"No i'm not going anywhere without you come on i'll carry you you're coming with me." I said calmly for her not to be scared by me.

"No no no i can't my parents they'll kill me no no"
"I don't care about your parents euna all i care is you so please come with me don't worry we'll find a way for your parents will not know that you're coming with me."

Euna didn't reply more and cry softly again.
I fastly get her things like clothes and other necessities and put it on a backpack.
And after that i carried her goings downstairs.

Luckily there is no one in the living room to gate so i open my car door and put her carefully in my passenger seat.

A while later i check her and luckily she seems asleep.

After some time we finally arrive in my house and i, again carried her going to my guest room.

Euna's POV

I woke up while holding my head and why does it hurts so much and finally i check my surroundings and panic rises from me because this room is not definetly mi--

The door suddenly opens and Roy enter while holding a tray of foods
"Oh euna good you're awake already"
"Roy what i am doing here, bring me back to my house." I said while glaring at him.

"No euna definetly no not now when you are like this, oh by the way i already treated your wounds and here's a painkiller for your headache but before that it this foods first."

Woah wait a minute is this the Roy i know the part of 3A as long as i know they are bad boy type especially this boy standing infront of me.

"Why are you doing this roy?" Oops did i ask that straightly.

"Are you pitying me because of what you here earlier on the phone because if it is yes then stop what you're doing right now and bring me back to my home---"

"No euna im not definetly pitying you but i am protecting you"
What the he Roy Johnson protecting me Euna Lee???

"What do you mean protecting roy, you don't know me i don't know you and most of all you don't know what type of family i belongs to"
i tell him straightly well to be honest now i really don't care if i tell all the people in the world what type of family i have.

But i was shocked when he just smirk to me.ok that was hot but wait what did i just thought?!

"Well I know your family euna Eula and Dahyun isn't?"
He ask smugly to me.

"H-h-how did you know them roy"
"Well let's just say my father and your father are enemies."
"Oh ok---wait what?!"

"But how--
"Ok euna just eat your food let's talk that matter later because it's not important for now."

I didn't ask more question and just eat the food infront of me. Ohhh this food is so delicious...

"Roy wait" because roy suddenly goes to the door
"You need anything euna?" He ask softly to me...wait what?!
"Um who cook all of this food?"
"Oh me is it not delicious or is it too bland?"

"What of course not...this food is the most delicious food i've ever tasted" i said while smiling widely...hope he doesn't find it weird.

"Oh ok thanks i guess" and with that he leaves the room.

Roy's Pov

Ok what the hell is that did my answer looks weird or kinda creepy well i hope not.

It's still processing in my mind that euna is in my house eating while giving me praises about the food that i cook.

Ring ring ring
I pick up my phone and answer the call
"Hey Mark wattsup"
"Hey roy are you free this time?"
I check my clock and it shows 7.30 pm
"Umm yes and why?"
"Ok that's great were coming there let's hangout cause it's been a while"
he said excitedly. Really this man acts intimidating in school but acts like a child with us...

"What!no don't come here and i'm not free okay i'm b-u-s-y"
"Are you hiding something from us? Or maybe someone"
"What the" i quickly hung up the call ....and of course they can't come here for now first of all i'll need to take care euna and second what would they react if they will knew euna is staying here for the meantime.

I've been staring at you everytime your near me, i know we were young back then but i also know you're the one

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