My Heart Is You

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Chapter 5

Euna's POV

It's been 2 days that i've been staying here in Roy's house,my parents keep calling me but i'm scared to answer. They've been controlling my life ever since but now i can't just let them do it.

Because there is this one man keep telling me that we only live once and those once should not be controlled.

Roy and me let's just say we're talking civil it's just that roy acts like im his girlfriend like no what the hell?!

In this two days roys cooks for me always ask me if i'm okay,his always making sure i slept comfortably.

There is one thing i discover from Roy to be honest and that is......he's such a gentleman.

Okay okay i'll admit it Roy is my crush since day 1 the day i entered our school the day he walks in the hallway with so much aura surrounds around him.

I like him........ but im scared to admit it.

Maybe he's just helping me because he's pitying me and i don't like it.

Right now im here in roy's living room we decided to just continue our assignment luckily yesterday and the other day doesn't have any classes because their was a thunderstorm happening right now.

"Euna what do you want for dinner???" Roy shouted from the kitchen.
"I want carbonaraaaa" i replied him back.
"Okay okay got it"

It's been actually 30 minutes and i've done my part in our assignment and it's just needed to be reviewed by roy and then were done....

"Euna do that later now come here let's eat."
"Okay wait im just gonna arrange this"
"Okay i'll wait for you"

Again there he is being a gentleman i really don't know what to do he is so sweet like now i really get why girls in our school likes him very much.

"Woah roy this is so delicious"
"I know right" he said while smirking.

"Euna do you plan to you know go back to your house?"
"What kind of question is that roy, of course i'll go back there"
"But euna your mom and dad"
"Screw them roy, but if they hurt me again well who cares"
"EUNA!" I was shock when roy suddenly slams the table.
"Woah Roy what the hell!"
"Sorry euna it's just that" and he suddenly leaves me all alone.

No one's POV

"it's been 2 days, 2 days and that bitch didn't come back, and how the hell can we find her."

"Calm down, calm down i know from my guts that she will be back and if she will, she'll be guarded 24/7 no friends only study and training."
"You know i don't want her to be the heir it should be only us, and her."
"You know her safety is our priority, we can't just risk her life in this world."
"Did you go to her yesterday?"
"Yes and as usual she's happy and that's what i all i wanted to see."
"If time comes she will be back right then of course let's kill them so any evidences will not be known and will die with them."
"Of course honey this is just for the time being."
"Yes honey your the best"

Third Person's POV

After Euna eats her dinner she washes the dishes and after that she decided to go to Roy's room to ask him what wrong earlier.

"Roy can i come in?" Euna ask hesitantly.
"Hmm" that's what it takes to euna to enter roy's room.

It's her first time to enter his room because in this 2 days she's always in guest room,living room , and kitchen.

Euna is not the type of girl that just roam around the house without the owner's permission so let's just say that she didn't have a proper tour around roy's house.

"Roy, what happen earlier are you mad, is there something that i've said that makes you mad?" Euna asks softly to roy while sitting on the lower side of the bed.

"No euna, everything's fine i just remember something so that's why"

But euna is not satisfied with his answer but she just lets it go to not make the matter more longer.

"Oh okay, but if there's bothering you don't be hesitant to tell me or ask me okay"
When Euna said that Roy looks at her with shock.
"Why Euna?"
"Because you help me and im just returning what you did to me."

Of course that's it what else did i expect. Roy thought

"By the way roy"
"Yes euna?"
"I will go back to my house tomorrow early in the morning."
"Oh okay euna if that's what you want but if you need something tell me if you want to come here in my house just tell me you're always welcomed here by the way"

"Thank you roy very much" euna said while smiling
"I'll go to my room now goodnight roy"
"Good night euna"

Roy's POV

Of course she's coming back there why would i think she'll stay here any longer.

"I hate it euna please don't go" i said while staring at my ceiling.

Time pass and i don't notice i was already passed out.

(Time Skip Morning)

Euna's POV

It's now 7.30 in the morning and i'm planning to go back in the house like 8.30 i'm done packing my bag and i'm also done taking a shower i didn't go out on the room yet.
And my instincts are telling me that Roy is still sleeping

It's now 7.45 and im just here chilling in the bed.


"Euna are you awake already?"
"Yes ro--"
"Come eat"

Ok that was harsh but maybe he's not a morning person.

I go downstairs to see roy eating already, well that was odd because when we both going to eat he always waits for me.
But maybe he's hungry.

When im already seated on the chair Roy suddenly stands up and put his dishes on the sink.

Ok that's not normal anymore i know he's avoiding me.

"Roy what's with you" oops maybe i ask the wrong question?
"You are avoiding me i can feel it"
"No im not"
"Yes you are"
" you know euna just eat your food and i'll drop you in your house"
"Well i guess i can say no to your offer, i already called my driver and his coming here in any minute now."

Ding dong ding dong

" oh that was fast" i told roy
"Oh yes your right"
"Wait i'll get my things upstairs"

When im done getting my things i go secretly to roy's room and leave a letter on the night stand.

After that i go back downstairs and to see roy sitting on the couch.

"Roy im going and Thank you very very much i really appreciate all the help you've done to me"
"Your welcome euna and i apologize for my doings earlier"
"Let's Just forget about it. And roy see you at school tomorrow."
"Bye roy " i wave at him.
"Bye Euna" and with that the car engine started and drove away from Roy's House.

Roy's POV

When i close the main door in my house i sigh heavily i honestly did not want her to leave but i can't just stop her i don't have any reasons to do that, well actually i have but i can't.

I decided to just wash my dishes well if you're wondering were is my maids i just gave them a day off while euna is here because i don't want to make euna uncomfortable while staying with many people she didn't know.

Im done doing the dishes i just decided to go to my room because there's nothing left to do. Well tomorrow we'll be going to school again because luckily the storm has already died down.

While im getting my charger for my phone in the nightstand i noticed a white medium sized envelope so i get it and opened it fastly because maybe it'll be like a letter threat put by a assasin or someone from the window well who knows right?

I suddenly stop my thoughts when i read the first word shown in the paper.

Dear Roy,

Well let's start with a Hello i guess, Roy i wrote this letter for all the things that you did to me, well maybe you'll think why would i write this letter sincerely if the both of us just knew each other for a short period of time well to tell you, you are the first person who stayed by my side when my parents did something horrible to me i will still go home because they are still my family they are the reason why i'm here after all, but roy thank you thank you for saving me that day i don't know what will happen if you didn't come to my house that day.

I'm very ecstatic to know that you are her.....

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