You Never Know

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Chapter 3

"Um, Chayse, this is my best friend, Jada," I awkwardly explained. I mean, I was supposed to, right? Even though they obviously already knew each other? Who knows, I'm not exactly an expert at this sort of thing, if I haven't already made it obvious.

"Oh, hey Jada!" Chayse said excitedly. He turned to me, explaining: "we have Precal together, so we've already met. What a coincidence, you two are friends!" I had no idea what to say to this, and my face began to burn at my complete incompetence. Luckily Jada noticed and came to my rescue. "Oh yeah, she already knows that, we were just talking about you" she giggled. Okay, well maybe that was not much of a rescue. I gave her a look as Chayse chuckled "Oh, really? What were you discussing about me?" Trying to rescue the situation, I rushed in "Oh nothing really, we just noticed you weren't really talking at your loud lunch table, and I was wondering why you were so quiet."

"Oh" he said, suddenly looking very uncomfortable. "I guess I'm kind of quiet at lunch. But I mean, I've got to get in some rest at some point, right?" I remembered back to our earlier conversation, where he got uncomfortable when we were talking about family, and wondered if this was related at all.

"Hey!" Jada yelled. A couple of kids had suddenly, very purposefully rammed into us as we were talking. "We'll keep at it if you losers don't hurry up and get in the classroom, you're holding literally the entire class up" a girl yelled back sassily. I rolled my eyes as we moved over and let them in, further annoyed as I realized it was one of the snobby popular girls, wearing a short skirt and crop top and getting away with it. I absolutely hate that just because these people are popular, they feel important and entitled enough to believe they deserve privileges no one else gets, like blatantly breaking the dress code without getting dress coded.

We walked in the room where we got to choose our seats (thank goodness) next to each other. When Chayse wasn't looking, Jada leaned over and whispered "already friends with him, huh? That didn't take long" giving me a sly look. Not wanting to give her a reaction, I just replied, "relax, we just had history together and literally got assigned seats by each other, it's not like I had much of a choice." She retaliated "but you definitely chose to walk with him here, didn't you?" I thought for a moment. "Actually, he kind of convinced me too, well, I mean, I don't know exactly how it happened, but... we were going the same direction... so like why not..." I intentionally left out the part where I literally asked for his number, knowing I could not deal with the teasing just yet. "Yeah, right" Jada smirked.

"Why are you two whispering?" Jada and I jumped. Somehow we hadn't noticed Chayse sneak up on us and lean in to the conversation. "Uh, no reason, just talking" I quickly replied. "We should probably pay attention now, don't want to miss the start of class again" I smiled and winked at him. He laughed, "Yeah, you're right" and turned to the front.

As class started, I realized this would be no different than my other extremely boring classes so far. The teacher lectured on, but I was determined to focus on it to ignore Jada's questioning looks. I knew she would try to get out of me everything that had happened in History, but hey, he was literally still in the room, sitting next to us.

At one point, the teacher sort of got onto a couple kids who were talking and not paying attention, and Chayse and I couldn't help but snicker. It wasn't nearly as bad as our situation, and the teacher was decent enough not to make a huge deal of it, but we still got a bit of a kick from it happening to someone else.

I made the mistake of glancing over at Jada, and she gave me a mischievous look, clearly telling me I wouldn't get away without an explanation. I leaned over. "What? We kind of got in trouble the same way in history, so excuse me if it's a little funny happening to someone else." She gave me a suspicious look, but let it go for now. I looked over at Chayse to make sure he wasn't listening in, but luckily he was attentively watching the teacher's safety demonstration.

Man, he was so cute and dreamy looking so focused. And getting to know him more, he was just as sweet as he was hot. Ugh, I needed to stop staring at him like a creeper.

Class finally ended, and we walked out and began heading in our separate directions. Before we got far, Chayse asked "hey, would you guys like to hang out at some point?" I was shocked and delighted at this. "We'd love to!" Jada said. "I mean, I've got nothing going on tonight, if that works. You could even come to my house" I suggested. Jada and I were already hanging there after school, so it would work perfectly. Jada raised her eyebrows as Chayse replied, "oh yeah, that would be great! See you then!"

He then left very fast, and Jada smirked, "what exactly went on between the two of you in History?" I hinted toward the clock, not ready to explain. "Gotta get to class. I'll fill you in after school though, I promise."

"Wait!" She yelled. I turned and gave her a confused look. "How is he gonna know where you live? He doesn't have contact with either of us." Ugh, I had to tell her now. Fidgeting uncomfortably, I replied "Um, about that... we might have maybe exchanged numbers after history?..." She jumped, exclaiming "WHAT? Wow I can't believe you actually did that this is crazy woahh is this even Leigh or are you some imposter?" I couldn't deal with this anymore, so I pointedly gestured toward the clock again. "Like I said, time is running out, I don't want to be late for class. So I'll see ya later." She burst out laughing. "Okay, okay... see you after school!"

I was annoyed with her, but couldn't help smiling to myself while I speedwalked to my next class. Maybe all of this was a good thing; I was getting closer to Chayse, wasn't I?

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