Forbidden Desire

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(18+) Mature content... He fucked me once shame on him He fucked me twice shame on me Rose an intelligent doctor from L.A Having an affair with a married man soon finds herself falling head over heels for a monster. Not everything is as it seems...

Romance / Horror
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Running into Paul

Originally this book was meant to be a horror but being the hopeless romantic fool that I am, I turned it into a romance...
I hope you enjoy it!

Opening my eyes to a place filled with darkness ,a place where no human should ever dwell.

Gut wrenching screeching and that awful stench of blood filled the air.
I stood there stiff as a board shining my torch upon it. It stood in front of me, blood streamed down its face stretching it's arms out to touch me.

Holding my breath as I ran out of the tunnel thick smoke surrounded me, I ran into the forest or what I atleast thought were a forest!

The screaming continued, not sure which way to turn as the smoke clogged my chest
Being a smoker didn't help the fucked situation I was in!

It felt as though my heart were about to explode.
Where the hell am I...?

I shut my eyes tightly, all I could remember was being liquored up getting into a cab and going home
the rest was a blur.
Could I possibly be losing my mind...?

All sorts of thoughts went trough my mind, I had no time to stand around wondering what the fuck happened I needed to get my ass out of there.
Even though I ran without stopping, it was too dark to tell where I was.

Hearing a faint hello in the distance I continued running like my life depended on it.
God dammit I knew smoking cigarettes would kill me one day...

I paused for a moment to catch my breath and the hello sounded closer,
Without hesitation I yelled back and
He grabbed on to my arm pulling me into a small room
“Shh.. shh..”I have been looking for someone, anyone for a long time now, he whispered.

I coughed profusely as I asked a ton of questions.
“Where are we, Hunger games?” I shouted at him.
“I have no idea,” he whispered.
Well you are of no use...
I whispered under my breath.

I sure as hell hope this wasn't the hunger games, I couldn't shoot an arrow for shit...

“I'm Paul” he said calmly.
Well, one of us had to be calm...
“I'm Rose, how long have you been here?” I nervously whispered back at him.

“Fuck..fuck..fuck I don't know this stupid brain stopped working a while ago”he snapped at me.

He sat me down on the cold hard ground,“Now Rose, I need you to listen to me carefully, ok, have you encountered anyone or anything strange in the direction you came from?”

“That's a shitty question, obviously there's something out there chasing me! My nerves were shot and in overdrive.
He attacked me, "What does he want?” I yelled as I stood up.

He seated me back down once again
“Ok so you met Lance”

“Who or what is Lance?”

“Well that's the name I gave it
When I woke up, it was the first thing I saw. No time for chit chat
when I tell you to run you sprint out of here, got it?” He whispered.

Seriously.... I rolled my eyes at him
“What's happening?
“No time to explain” he said as he grabbed onto my wrist and yelled “run!”

We ran as fast as we could still holding onto me.
How I wished I hadn't started smoking...

Loud shrieks followed behind us as he dragged me behind him, before I knew it we were in a hole.
Well better down here then out there...
I covered my ears as it ran above us still screaming as though an animal had been wounded.

I gasped loudly trying to breathe normally as I called out to him, he covered my mouth as a loud grunting sound followed behind. Still holding onto my mouth “do not move” he whispered.

It's bloodshot red eyes stared at us for a few minutes before a loud whistle called it back into the thick smoke.
He let go of my mouth crunched down and let out a soft sigh,“you're going to get me killed” he shouted into my face.
“Well, I didn't ask to be here did I? I asked as tears rolled down my cheeks.

“I'm sorry Rose it's just you need to be quiet for a while please” he said.
I let out a loud sigh as I plopping myself down next to him.

“I'm not the enemy Rose, How about you get some rest I will keep watching” he said calmly. As I drifted off he spoke about the Snapple, a bloodthirsty animal which sometimes walks on all fours covered in fur, red bulging eyes, nails as sharp as blades. He was not too sure what they were but he encountered one not too long ago.

Sunlight shone upon my face and Jason lay beside me sleeping peacefully, now being the crazy nymphomaniac that I was I needed to feel him inside me.

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