Forbidden Desire

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Wanting Him

We walked through the hallway while his fingers clutched in between mine as my eyes still focused on him.

He was dreamy, any woman would drop at his feet...
What was so monstrous about him...?

Was it because just the sight of him made my panties soak up that I couldn't see what they all saw...?

He grinned proudly as we walked towards my room, turning towards it he grabbed onto my waist sending cold shivers down my spine.
It's been a while since I felt a manly touch...

“Am I not going back to prison?”
He laughed that growly laugh which was now a turn on. “Hold your horses my beauty” his voice penetrated my soul which started a flame within me.

He tugged me alongside him past the room and further down the hallway and placed me in front of a door resembling mine.

“Now stay right here and don't move” he commanded, being ordered by him really got my motor turning. My already soaked undies were ready to come off right there.

I stood there pressing my thighs together trying to stop my lust from oozing out. I needed to hide the obvious need of wanting him. He returned holding a ring of keys. Placing the chosen key in he turned it Once, Twice, Three times and popped the door open.

L.A apartments were like an open invitation, all you had to do was use a Bobby pin and vwala, your shit would be loaded into the back of someone's car...

He stood there holding the door open
He called out whilst I stood like an imbecile, wondering how his body would feel pressed against mine.

My heart raced as he pulled me closer to him, he lifted my face up and placed a soft kiss upon my forehead. “This is my room Rose. I would like you to stay here,” he said softly.

Did he mean that I should stay with him...?
I blushed profusely like a little school girl, just thinking about him being inside me sent instant butterflies fluttering around in my stomach.

“Make yourself comfortable. I'll be back in a little while!”
I grabbed onto his forearm and pulled him back “please don't leave me alone Logan'' I bagged him.
This time without sexual intentions.
I was tired of not having someone to talk to.

He picked my hand up and placed it upon his soft lips. “Rose, I will be back in a few minutes. I promise you're going to like what I have in store for you.” he said, flashing a little wink my way before turning around and walking out.
My heart could have stopped there and then...


He crashed through the window sending chills down my spine.

Those creatures wouldn't keep quiet for a second, someone had to shut them up. Unfortunately that someone had to be me.

Those green eyes stared at me and somehow I was not afraid. I thought I was a goner when Charlie threw me from the cage, yet Logan flipped his top sending his poor mutate flying against the decaying wall.

Just looking into those beautiful green eyes almost caused me to have heart palpitations.
I wanted to feel his touch once more.
I needed his body to be intertwined with mine. His soft lips placed firmly against mine.

Ahg, Come-on Rose, someone with such great features wouldn't be interested in you…
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