Forbidden Desire

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She was just the way I had imagined her.
Her beauty was beyond words.
Those big Brown eyes stared at me from the cage she was being held captive in.

Did she know I was the creature who came crashing in...?

My heart stood still the moment she took charge and demanded those mongrels be quiet. I wanted to remove her immediately and devour her right there and then but I needed to be sure she was the one.

I should have ripped his throat out the minute he touched her, but I could not show her what I really was.

She asked if I were entertained
Of Course I was, The sharpness in her tongue made it harder for me to walk away.

The way she looked at me from across the table scared me, what if she found out what I really was?
Would she change her mind about me.. ?
I had to leave for her sake.

I was memorized by her undeniable beauty yet she praised my features.

Even now, I could not stand being around her looking at me with those big Brown eyes. At that moment all I wanted to do was rip her clothes off and make her mine.

She was the forbidden Fruit placed before me...

I want her, I need her. The taste of her skin, the warmth of her breath. She was my ultimate desire yet I could not have her...


I sat on his bed twiddling my thumbs waiting in anticipation for his arrival
My mind went bonkers wondering what he had in store for me.

After five minutes he walked in holding two silver trays,“how hungry do you think I am Logan?” I asked bluntly.
Letting out a loud laugh as he placed the one into my hand and the other on the bed. “This one is for later!” he said with a huge smile on his face.

"How I wish it were a pair of cuffs" he whispered and winked at me, bringing me closer to wanting him even more.

He sat straight across me watching as I ate the big Mac, which was my favorite
How he knew these things scared me. I lifted my brow at him as he Continued staring.

Was he a stalker?

“Don't you like it?” he asked, snapping me out of my thoughts.

“I do, I'm just wondering how you know these things about me?”

He grinned, leaning over to wipe the sauce from my mouth.

“There's no need to be afraid of me Rose, in due time you will know everything”

“Patience isn't one of my virtues Logan”

His growling laugh made my core heat up instantly. If only he knew how much I needed to feel him up against me...

I washed the burger down with an ice cold coke, “Hmmm that hit the spot I whispered. Now it's time for dessert”

I smiled and winked at him, knowing exactly what I meant, his face went pale almost like I drained the life out of him.
It was strange, maybe he didn't want me as much as I wanted him.

“Rose, I have a gift for you” holding up the silver tray at eye level. He lifted up the lid "I hope this will make you happy" He whispered.
My eyes widened jumping up instantly, MY CELL PHONE..

I was completely dumb founded
“ cell phone!” I screamed excitedly.

“Yeah I Figured you miss your friends?”

“I thought I was a prisoner,” I whispered.
My inner voice screamed
Shut up... shut up..Rose before he takes it back.

Taking hold of my hand he placed it to his lips kissing it softly, “you were never a prisoner Rose, you are more then welcome to roam around as long as you don't leave me.” he said as he cleared his throat.

Laughing out loudly at the nonsense he spoke, that sounds like a prisoner to me...

I placed the phone down next to me, “don't worry I won't leave” I whispered into his ear before placing a soft kiss upon his lips. Without hesitation he slipped his tongue into my mouth, his hand placed firmly against my exposed back making it more intense.
He intoxicates me...

He laid me down with his tongue still clinging to mine. He removed his T-shirt, his body was amazingly ripped. My fingertips ran up and down his rock hard Abs as I moaned into his mouth.

He popped the button off my jeans pulling them down slowly. The look on my face was priceless, I was already soaked from just a kiss.

My body tensed up as he cupped my cheeks, arching my back up he placed soft kisses on my thighs as he placed my legs over his broad shoulders. My bare cunt was now exposed to him. He flicked his tongue against my clit making my body shiver beneath him.

His sharp tongue penetrated deep inside me, not stopping for a moment as he feasted on me. My loud pleasurable screams could be heard as I screamed out his name. His tongue sliced inside me faster and faster making sure to bring me to my climax.

He slurped up my cum before placing my shaky legs down and let out a faint growl, “I knew you'd taste this good” he whispered.

Letting out a little chuckle I needed more of him. I tugged on his shoulders and brought his face down, my lips pressed against his. “I want you Logan” I mumbled into his mouth.

His eyes stared at me filled with desire, without hesitation he separated my legs and pierced his fingers deep inside me.
He gave me no chance to talk, my nails clawed into his back as moved his fingers in and out of me.

I moaned softly into his ear as he stuck another finger inside my aching pussy. He pulled me closer and my teeth sunk into his shoulder bringing his thrusts up to full speed, the sensation was intensely satisfying.

“Am I hurting you?” he whispered against my neck as he continued fingering me.
This was no time to talk...
I grabbed the back of his head kissing him deeply and moaned a quick no into his mouth. My legs shook as he moved them faster and faster making sure to push deeper inside me.

“Oh, oh yes... Logan fuck me fuck me” I screamed as I wrapped my hands around his neck.
His eyes darkened with excitement
He growled loudly as he speed up slamming his fingers inside me making sure to touch my inner core.

I sucked hard on his bottom lip as I released myself into his hand. He let out a loud growl against my ear as my cum dripped down his fingers.

Looking down I was completely exposed in front of him.
“Enough greedy girl,” he chuckled loudly. I held onto my face from embarrassment from let a complete stranger finger fuck me.

He removed my hands gently
“There's no need to feel embarrassed Rose,” he whispered into my ear before placing a soft kiss upon my forehead.

The thought of Jason popped into my head and I pushed him away leaving him confused. He stood there staring down at me. “I..I'm sorry Logan, I have a boyfriend” I whispered.

He laughed loudly, “Is that what they call it these days?”

“What do you mean...?” I asked but he walked out leaving me mind boggled as he continued his silly adorable laugh.
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