Forbidden Desire

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After the intense moment we shared I had no idea why I lied to him about having a boyfriend, clearly Jason wasn't my boyfriend, he was married
Well not happily but still married...

Perhaps it was the fact that he promised to leave her a year ago. That was an obvious lie. What the Hell was making me think about Jason, was it the fact that he took my virginity behind Carl's diner or the fact that he spent most nights in my bed.

He was only the toy I plaid with when I felt bored and needed a fuck that was it, Right...?
So why did I lie? and so boldly too.

I laid in his bed still holding onto those silk sheets, my mind was all over the place.
Flashbacks of Logan's thick fingers inside me had me confucked. The way he swirled his tongue against my heated core got me hot and bothered and the aching between my legs started up again.

Reaching over to my phone as it vibrated texts came pouring in

It started with a simple Hi lover

Where are you?

Babe are you ok?

What's going on its been day's since our last fuck, is your pussy not craving me?

What the fuck Rosey!!!!
It's been two weeks, where are you!?

Baby I'm sorry can we atleast talk about what's going on?

Rose-Ann Williams it's been a month you probably off fucking some other dude
We're over!!!

Moooother fucker used my full name...
My blood boiled and my mind filled with rage. Hadn't the thought of me been kidnapped ever crossed his stupid mind?
When the hell did we ever start?
What the fuck how do you breakup with someone you aren't even dating?

Moving on to Henna's messages which started flooding in, she was annoying yet I loved her crazy ass.

Rosey posey where are you?

Are you not feeling well?

Your hot stud was lingering in the hospital hallway looking for you like a mad man.

Rose, this crazy bitch has been asking me questions, where are you?
Seriously, you're making me worry.

Seriously dude Mrs. Ivy has been up my ass, she laid a formal complaint about you, she's threatening to have you removed from the hospital.

If you don't call me in the next two days I'm gonna report you missing….

Henna was always the one with her head screwed on straight, so I thought until I found her in headmaster Cambles office fucking his brains out.
I could have sworn she was going to end up giving that man a heart attack right on his antique office table. Knowing her she probably thought I was having an orgy somewhere and forgot to invite her.

That miserable bitch Watkins always had her eye on my position. Scrolling through my emails caused my face to go pale.

Dear Miss Williams

Your leave days had run out
Please report for duty

L.A medical Center

I was shitting bricks...

Rolling my eyes as I opened the next email knowing what was coming

Dear Miss Williams

Some legal bullshit about not being at work..blah blah blah

Your contract with L.A Medical Center has been officially terminated

Thank you for your service

Fuck...Fuck..Fuck, I'm Fucked.
Without thinking I flung my phone against the wall, the screen shattered into pieces and the battery laid out on the floor.

I phased up and down like a mad woman screaming and cursing every curse word possible.

The door swung open and I stared daggers at him, his eyes widened making him even more attractive.
He laughed loudly watching me march up and down, still piercing daggers at him.

“What's wrong Rose?”
I rolled my eyes as he bent down to pick up the broken cellphone.
“Rose talk to me, what happened?” he questioned which turned my anger into hurt.

“My life is ruined, you fucked with my job and my mind” I shouted.
He lifted a brow at me and smirked proudly.

“Rose, take a look around, you have everything you want and need.”

“Fuck, Logan I never asked for any of this, I don't want it!” I shouted louder this time.
My eyes watered, blinding me for a few seconds.

Before I knew it his arms wrapped around my waist pulling me up against his chest, I tried shoving him away but it was like he was made of steel.
“Leave me Logan” I yelled.

He hushed me as though I were a child being cradled which pissed me off even more. “Logan for fucks sake let go of me!” I shouted into his ear but the stubborn mule held on thigh like I was his very last life line.
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