Forbidden Desire

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Making Her Mine

Cupping my face gently he kissed my lips softly, I'm sorry baby I really am he whispered before bringing his kisses down my neck and on to my half exposed breasts, making my nipples hardened immediately.

What was this man doing to me...?
Just his touch made me lose all control...

Gasping loudly as he tilted me over, he took my nipples into his mouth, he nibbled them sending shockwaves throughout my body. I held onto his hair as he devoured them pulling and biting them until I couldn't bear it anymore. I yanked him up and slid my tongue into his half open mouth.

Our tongues made love to each other for a few moments before he turned his attention back to my breasts taking them back into his mouth.

I wanted him to be inside me but he decided to torture me..
He looked up at me as desire filled his eyes, turning them darker.
He growled loudly making my panties soak up, he lifted my legs up immediately and wrapped them around him before placing his tongue back into my mouth

My heart yearned to be with him...

“L-Logan, please take me,” I begged.
He lifted his brow giving me that sexy smile before slamming me up against the wall, he ran his sharp tongue down my cleavage causing me to quiver.

My heart raced as he lifted up my skimpy dress and moved my already soaked g-string to the side. His thick fingers slid inside me as I bit down on his bottom lip.
How he held me up while he fingered my pussy,I have no idea...

Deeper and deeper he shoved them into me, making me lose what little sense I had left. My mouth clung to his neck as he thrusted faster and faster, sending a burning sensation throughout my entire body. I marked him with a red love bite which was sure to turn purple tomorrow.

He was knuckles deep inside me, and I loved every moment of it.
“Is this what you want?” he whispered seductively into my ear before nibbling on it. The only response which left my lips was “Aha” as he pounded harder and faster inside me.

He placed my shaking legs down and the smile on his face showed how amused he was by the way I wobbled once my feet touched the floor.

He clearly wasn't done torturing me just yet, he stepped closer to me with that sexy smile. He pinned me against the wall, my heart pounded as he lifted the dress over my head and tossed it to the ground. He dropped my soaked undies to the ground, exposing my nakedness to him.

He cupped my breasts, squeezing them gently as he caressed my tongue against his. Before I knew it he dropped to his knees and placed his moist tongue against my still wet opening. He took a quick lick before he flicked his tongue up and down my clit making my insides heat up once again.

There was no way that I was going to allow him to have all the fun.. I pulled him up by his hair which made him growl loudly.

I turned him around and slammed him against the wall.
He obviously let me...
He lifted his arms up allowing me to remove his t-shirt.

God must have taken extra time making this man...
Perfect cuts were in all the right places, his deep v stuck out turning me into a wild woman.
I had to taste every part of him...

My tongue circled his body, while I stroked the bulge which was trying to escape from his jeans. I took a deep breath while I helped him shimmy out of it. As soon as it hit the ground I got onto my knees. He raised his brow, I gave him no time to protest. I took his huge cock into my mouth, one hand placed firmly against the wall while the other gripped my hair tightly. I sucked him in gently causing a deep moan to leave his perfect lips.

My hand cupped his balls as I moved my head back and forth,“don't stop, don't stop!” he groaned as he slammed my mouth against his hardness deeper and faster causing his toes to curl.

Pulling it out my tongue swirled around his tip before I slurped him in once more. My hand placed firmly against his balls I squeezed gently which made his groans louder.

“R-R-Rose please stop” he begged but I kept bobbing my head as I watched his gorgeous face until he lost all control and let out a gush of hot sperm into my mouth.
After a few seconds he came to his senses and grinned down at me.

“Now you're going to get it” he growled as he yanked me up and threw me over his shoulder like a caveman.

Have I released the beast inside of him..?
With his knees placed firmly on the bed I knew I was in trouble, he lifted my legs up and placed them over his shoulders before sticking his enormous monster inside me. My pussy felt like it was being ripped apart, I clung to the shits as I trembled beneath him. He pulled me closer making sure every inch of him was inside me.

As soon as I adjusted to his ridiculous size my head automatically tilted back as he pounded his thick monster dick in and out of me until he had me screaming his name.

"So tight, so perfect!" He growled down at me as he slammed into my aching core. The pleasurable pain he caused me was something I had never experienced before.

I held onto his silk sheets for dear life as he pounded harder and faster tearing me apart. “You're mine and only mine Rose is that clear? Say that you're mine!” he demanded.

“Yes, yes I'm your's I squeaked” beneath him as he continued his assault on my pussy.

“Good girl,” he whispered.

He grunted and growled as he devoured me completely until my legs turned into jelly.
This man had a hold on me...

We reached our climax together and he howled into the air as our juices became one.
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