Forbidden Desire

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His Secret

I placed my head against his chest and listened to his rapidly beating heart as his fingers ran through my untidy hair until I was fast asleep in his arms.


Her anger excited me
Watching her phase up and down made me desire her even more.
Rage filled those beautiful brown eyes as she stared straight at me, my dick yearned to be inside her forbidden place.

The moment I placed my lips against hers.
I knew I had to make her mine.
The way she sucked me in forced me to lose the little patience I had left.

Ripping her apart like that was not my intention, but the way she looked beneath me drove me to the edge of no return.
She intoxicated me. Debating with myself was no longer an option, marking what was mine and only mine needed to be done.

My heart raced as she laid beside me sleeping peacefully with no care in the world. Little did she realise she belonged to me and no one else.

How was I going to explain the claiming part to her...?
I held onto my face in disbelief
Logan you idiot what have you done...

The sun was setting and I had to leave before she saw what I really was.
She might not be able to handle it.
I lifted her up gently and placed her head onto the pillow. A long deep sigh left my lips as I looked down at her


The cold night breeze touched my face as I reached over, he was not beside me.
My legs gave in the moment I stood up
What the fuck did he do to me?

I'd never experienced such pleasure and such excruciating pain. I pulled myself back up onto the bed laying for a minute before I felt the blood circulating my legs once more.

Wobbling towards the mirror I couldn't believe the woman looking back at me, she was beautiful, her eyes were brighter, her red cherry lips smiled back at me, her breasts firmly in place, tight golden locks fell down her face, even her butt looked fuller.

I closed my eyes tightly, Reopening them to find the very same reflection looking back at me.
I was different, the same person but Different. My legs shook beneath me and the air felt as though it had been sucked out of the room. Everything around me started spinning, before I knew what hit me everything around me went dark.

Big strong arms lifted me off the ground, setting me back onto the bed placing the covers over me. My vision was blurry, I could smell his musk scent yet could not see him clearly I reached out to touch him he pulled away as though I had a contagious disease.

“Logan...” I mumbled still out of breath, He said nothing instead all I heard was the door closing and locking behind him.

What the freaking hell was going on with my body...?

I laid there for a while with my eyes shut trying to bring back my vision, once it was restored I rushed towards the mirror. The same person was staring back at me but this time big purple teeth marks covered my inner thighs.

Touching it triggered a raw burning sensation inside me which set my soul on fire.
“Logan!” I yelled at the top of my lungs as I pounded at the door until it unlocked. The door swung open and Charlie limped his way into the room.

His eyes scanned me from head to toe before he rushed over and grabbed the silk gown. He threw it around me and shouted. “Oh, no, no, no, not again” while he phased up and down.

“What has he done, what has the master done?” he mumbled.

I smiled to myself, well he did almost fuck my brains out...

“Where is he Charlie?” I screamed.

“Master is out Miss. he ordered to check on you,” he said nervously.

“What a chicken” I whispered while holding in my laughter.

“I'm fine Charlie, go away and don't even think of locking me in.” I screamed as I shoved him through the door.

“I'm sorry mistress but this is for your own good” he said before slamming the door shut making sure to lock it behind him.

“Charlie, you fucker, open this door Immediately!” I yelled. He paid me no mind as he laughed that horrid laugh down the hallway.

I jumped up and down like a little child with a temper problem which caused the excruciating pain between my legs to start up again.

What the fuck? I know I'd only been with one other man but this is ridiculous!

Yes he fucked me silly but the aching
pain between my legs made no sense..

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