Forbidden Desire

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Say my Name

I laid in bed all night waiting for him to show up after that amazing blinding session.

The sun shone upon my face as I drew the curtains back, I watched as he strolled through the garden wearing only his jeans. His body glimmered in the morning sunlight. He turned and looked up at me he grinned that sexy grin of his

Turning my back towards him I held onto the windowsill, just looking at him made my mind go crazy.
I shut my eyes tightly and every moment spent with him came flooding in.
His touch...
His taste...
His scent, everything about him sent me into a complete frenzy.

My knees went weak and my body heated up the moment he walked in, shining those pretty green eyes that stared at me. All the questions I had disappeared the minute he wrapped his arms around my waist pulling me up against him.

His warm breath was against my neck sending shock waves throughout my body.

What was this man doing to me...?
I was like putty in his hands and my inner core heated up as he placed his lips upon mine.

“Did you miss me?” he whispered against my sealed lips

“Aha...” I whispered back as my fingertips trailed his Adonis body making me want more of him.

“Rose.... Aren't you hungry?” he whispered against my lips.

“Ahaaa” I whispered into his mouth, causing him to laugh loudly.

“Rose you can't have dessert before breakfast, Come-on let's get out of here my lovely.”

“I'd prefer staying in while you ate” I said as I winked at him which caused his adorable growl to fill the air.

“No,no my beauty you don't have a choice” he said, his voice was strong and stern this time. I crossed my legs together trying to fight the undeniable urge I had boiling inside me.

We walked hand in hand down the hallway and into the garden which had a beautiful picnic set up underneath a huge oak tree.

Funny how I missed such a big oak tree the other day...

Charlie stood there holding a bottle of red wine grinning like he won the lotto, he eyed me up and down making me really uncomfortable.

Well the fool did see me butt naked last night...

Logan gripped me around my waist pulling me closer to him as he pierced an annoyed look at himmwhich forced him to lower his gaze immediately.

Not like I'd give that fool a first look anyway...

He poured the red wine into our glasses before limping back. It looked a bit funny, the color was dark yet tempting.

“Are you feeling ok my love?” he whispered before seating me down onto the blanket.

“Yes I'm ok I just feel light headed. It's probably from not eating,” he smiled sweetly as he got to his knees removing that oh so annoying silver cover revealing a juicy piece of rare cooked steak and my mouth watered from just looking at it.

He cut a piece placing it against my lips, the aroma was overwhelming, he placed it into my mouth and I chewed slowly savouring every delicious moment of it.

It hummed a sweet melody on my taste buds, his eyes stayed focused on me as I opened up for another bite.

After the delicious steak he picked up the two wine glasses placing one against my lips and the other against his never taking his gaze of me.

“Drink up my lovely” he whispered before taking a big gulp, those eyes hypnotised me into a state.

I took a big gulp, almost gagging, “are you ok?” he asked.
I nodded a quick yes as I wiped my mouth, he placed the glass down as worry filled his eyes.
Letting out a little laugh as reassurance that I was ok he calmed down.

In no time Charlie stood beside us holding out a bottle of water his eyes stared at the ground as he reached his hand out offering it to me.
“Are you ok Mistress?” he asked politely.
Why was he calling me mistress, and why the sudden change in attitude confused me...

Taking a big gulp of water I answered him out of breath. “Yes Charlie, no need to worry,” I said calmly.
He turned around and was out of sight within seconds.

Logan pushed the tray to the side making more room, he laid down tapping on his chest. I placed my head on top of him and heard his heart rate pick up.
“Are you ok”? He asked again.

I looked up into those hypnotic eyes and mumbled “Yes Logan like I said I'm fine there's no need to worry, I'm probably coming down with something.”

He grinned, “I know something that will make you better!”

He smacked his lips against mine immediately starting up my motor.
He sat up on his knees tapping his hands against them. Without hesitation I hopped right on wrapping my arms around his neck giggling like a little school girl as he licked and sucked on my neck. His hand moved up my short dress and he raised his brow at me and a cunning smile appeared.

“Hmm you came prepared I see!”

“Of Course Sir” I said with a bit of a giggle.
He growled loudly as he rubbed his thumb against my clit forcing my lustful pussy to drip for him.

It didn't take much for him to turn me on
Just looking at him done the trick
“Say it!” He ordered.

Soft moans left my lips yet I refused to say what he needed to hear.
“What do you want?” he whispered as he continued rubbing his thumb harder this time. He bit on my neck sucking it hard as his thumb tortured me to speak up.

He stuck two fingers in causing my loud moans to float around us.
“What do you want, Rose?” he whispered into my ear.

“L-Logan I want you to make me come all over your fingers” I whispered into his neck as he worked them in and out of me.

After a while of torturing me he ordered me not to come as yet. His voice was gruff and stren ad he lifted my head up forcing me to look at him as his fingers dug deep inside me.

He spread his fingers apart and rubbed against my walls as he picked up pace forcing me to moan out his name.

I was under his control, screaming out his name in complete pleasure. He brought me to my climax as he shoved them harder, faster and deeper inside me.

I was on the verge of an explosion when he ordered me to come for him.
“Good girl”he whispered into my ear As my orgasim dripped down my legs.

He pulled them out and placed them into his mouth sucking down hard like it was the best thing he ever tasted.
“Hmmmm even more delicious!” he whispered into my ear before nibbling it.

He lifted the glass of wine to my lips
“Now my love, have this you'll feel better” he said.
His eyes stayed focused on me as I took a sip.

"Aah... It tastes much better now," I whispered against the glass. He kissed my forehead before making me drink all of it.

It was like tasting Heaven in a glass..

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