Forbidden Desire

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I phased the hallway all night hoping that she was ok.
How could you be so stupid Logan...?
I had taken her innocence and turned her into something else.

All I see is her, she brings no peace to my mind. Her features rapidly changed after I fucked her brains loose.
Her big Brown eyes were now filled with lust, her hair was a lighter shade of blond.
Her lips were as red as a rose, I could feast on her all day but her body needed time to recover from what I had turned her into.

My heart nearly stopped beating when I found her lying curled up on the floor like that.
I could not stand seeing her in pain
Pain which I caused...

She is the one, I had to claim what was mine and only mine…

Having her under my control is selfish but I can't let her go now that my venom pierced through her veins forcing us to be one.

I have no regrets…

She drove me insane with those beautiful eyes staring into what was left of my soul. She had a million questions written all over her face. The first being where did I go last night

I had to keep her away from knowing the truth until the time was right. Just a few more days until she turns into what I am, at least a better version of what I am...

Knowing what I had done to her without her consent would destroy what little human she had left.

I had to let what was happening to her slowly take its course...


I woke up with this uncomfortable hunger, hunger for him.
My body craved his touch, It yearned for him to be inside me once more.

I was angry that he disappeared last night but the moment his eyes connected with mine all I could think about was the undeniable urge of wanting him, no Needing him...
He didn't have to touch me for my core to heat up.
What was going on with this stupid body of mine...?

Not even Jason who took my virginity made me feel this way.
He was a distant memory and all I could see was Logan.
I tasted him on my lips each time I licked them and smelt his scent while being trapped in the room.
His growls brought ultimate pleasure to my pussy which ached for him and only him...

We laid under the oak tree, being in his arms once again satisfying my mind and body.

A whistle was blown grabbing the attention away from each other, we both sat up wondering what the hell was going on. Charlie stood in the doorway waving at Logan like a lunatic. It didn't take much waving for him to sprint away from me. He grabbed onto Charlie's neck, squeezing until he turned blue.

He was raging mad at whatever Charlie had done, he looked at me sitting there in shock from what he had just done and he quickly let go.
"Go and take care of it!" He yelled.
My heart thumped wildly as he walked back towards me biting down hard on my bottom lip making a little blood ooze out. His control was a complete turn on.

He kissed me passionately before laying me back down onto the blanket.

"Now,now.. my greedy girl calm down" he chuckled loudly as he pinned my hand behind my head, he lifted my dress up and placed his head between my legs making them quiver from excitement.

He held onto them gently, relaxing me as he slithering his tongue between my thighs. I grabbed onto his hair trying to force him out but he bit my thigh forcing me to let go instead.

His tongue flicked against my clit and slid his thick fingers into my aching pussy forcing me to open my legs wider and accept him in. My heart raced as he circled them inside me still flicking his tongue against my aching clit.

I begged him not to stop pleasing me.
He placed my already numb legs over his shoulders, forcing his fingers to penetrate deeper inside me.
My head swung back as bliss filled my flaming body.

I could feel his smile against my clit
As he took it into his mouth sucking hard, he sped up his thrusts until I felt myself release into his mouth.

This man has complete control over my mind, body and soul...

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