Forbidden Desire

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We walked around all day in the sunlight, his arm never leaving my waist.

He led me back inside before sunset and all those hideous mongrels stood against the wall with their heads down. I was in complete shock from their behavior yet said nothing. Not one had tried eating me, instead they bowed their heads as we walked down the hallway into his room, well our room.

What in the fuck was going on..?
Once in the room he pushed me against the shut door and kissed me passionately, “I'll see you later my love” He whispered.
Before I knew it his fine ass was out the door.

What was it with this man, he adored me all day, but night time was off limits..
After another rare steak and a glass of that awful red wine I jumped into bed.

My mind was on those God forsaken creatures. Perhaps they were calm because of Logan being by my side.
My heart could not take the constant
waiting for him to lay beside me.
Closing my eyes was a nightmare all I pictured was him pleasuring me, my mind raced and my inner core ached for him.

Night sweats started and my body heated up causing everything to spin around me.
I tried getting up but my body refused to move and my vision was once again distorted.

An icy cold hand reached out touching my forehead. “Logan!?”I whispered, my voice shaky from the fever which came over me,
“What's going on?” I whispered.

“Quiet you bitch! After all this time you still hadn't learned to control that tongue of yours!”

“Lizzy! What the fuck..?”
She laughed loudly while placing a warm cloth on my forehead, “I told you to shut that trap but you didn't listen now you have to suffer you greedy bitch, you stole what was mine.”

Her voice seemed different, it was slow and slurry.
“W-w-what happened to you, what did I steal?”
She shoved a dry piece of cloth into my mouth making me shut up.

“You ask to many questions
Be quiet, you whore! ” I quaked beneath her as she tried holding me down. My body started convulsing and my eyes rolled to the back of my head while excruciating pain pierced throughout my body which made me pass out yet again.

He sat beside me holding onto my hand, my throat dry from last night's drama. “Where's that woman I'm going to kill her!”
He looked down at me with his eyes wide open. He lifted me up and he held onto me tightly.

“I'm so glad you're ok my Rose I don't know what I would have done without you.”

I let out a little scratchy laugh “ok, ok that's a bit dramatic Logan what happened last night?”

He squeezed me tightly and placed his lips against my forehead.
“You had a high fever, Elizabeth made sure you were ok” he whispered into my ear as he still clung to me.

“Logan I seriously can't breathe let go” I whispered.

He chuckled loudly, “back to your normal self I see! ”

“Yeah, yeah I smiled at him
Can I get a cup of coffee?”

He smirked and picked up a cup which was placed beside him, “I knew this would be the first thing you craved.”
I placed the cup to my lips,“this isn't not the only thing I crave” I said, giving him a wink.

He watched every sip I took with a huge grin on his face.
“What's the matter?” I asked with a little smirk of my own.

“I'm admiring the beauty placed beside me” he said as I stared into his eyes, I had many questions I needed to ask.

“Logan...” I whispered sweetly.

“Hmm..” he answered, still keeping his stare.

“What's going on?”

“Why did Elizabeth say I stole what belonged to her?”

“Why are all those people in cages?”

He growled loudly, Breaking eye contact. “That woman...” Not completing his sentence he walked out in a huff. Soon enough Charlie walked in holding a white box with a red bow.

“It's not my birthday Charlie” I whisper as he places it into my hand.

“It might not be your birthday but it is masters” he whispers back, I grab onto his arm getting his attention.

“Charlie what's going on here?”
No response came from him all he done was stare at the carpet beneath him

“Charlie please...” I beg him.
“What's happening to me Charlie, answer me God dammit” I shouted.

He patted my hand softly before answering.
“You caught a bug Mistress” he mumbles.

“What is it with the whole mistress thing Charlie?” I shouted.

Diverting the question he turned me around and pointed in the direction of the bathroom,“now now there's nothing to be worried about you and master's going to be just fine, I can just feel it this time” he said as he chuckled leaving me standing there with even more questions then I had before.
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