Forbidden Desire

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Party Time

Obviously it was a day time party. Logan left me stranded every night and I couldn't understand why. Anyway it was time to party. I had no time to stress about why he decided to stay away from me.

The music played loudly as I walked towards the big hall, I shoved those huge open and my heart sank to my stomach and my palms sweat as they all stared at me walking towards him.

Elizabeth could have thrown a knife at me if she had one in her hand, her ginger hair pinned back Exposing half of her face which looked almost melted. She too had yellow bubbling blisters and her arms had purple bite marks on them.

He extended his hand out leading me towards the dance floor, my head rested on his chest as we danced to I said I loved you but I lied while they stood there watching. The beat of his heart told me everything I needed to know.

We drank the red wine which always tasted different when I was around him.
After the party he led me towards our Room.

His touch was more passionate. It was more then just sex this time more intense more breathtaking. I felt every being of fiber set alight. His touch intoxicated me to a point where I felt as though my heart was about to stop. Slamming me against the wall hurt like hell but I didn't seem to mind it. His jeans rubbed against my sensitive core making me yearn for him.

He ripped my dress off with one clean swipe sending shivers down my spine. He spun me around to face the mirror and I knew I was in for it. Pushing my Blond tight curls to the side, his fangs nipped my skin.
I stared at our reflections as he licked my blood droplets which oozed out.

Oh be still my beating heart...
Instead of being afraid I was turned on by his aggression, he separated my legs with his and he shoved his fingers inside me making me instantly scream his name.
My breath steamed up the mirror as he pumped harder until I orgasimed.

Not giving me a chance to talk he dropped his pants and wrapped his hands into a fist around my hair, he bent me over giving it to me doggy style. His dick filled with desire as he slammed it hard and fast against my aching pussy.

Speeding up his thrusts he was deep inside me. “I Love you Rose” he said as he panted over and over.

His growls brought pleasure to my ears and caused my pussy to drip for him. I mumbled words that I thought I'd never tell another human being.
“I love you too Logan.”
It excited him so much that he shoved his fangs into my neck causing pleasure to my soul.

My hand placed firmly against the mirror while the other dug into the back of his thigh. “Say it again Rose, say it again” he panted wildly as his dick tore into my swollen pussy
“I....I love you Logan” I whispered.

He thrashed his huge dick deeper inside holding it there.
“No, not like that I want you to cum while you say it to me” He demanded.

He let go of my hair and his hands gripped tightly onto my waist. He thrusted faster and deeper making sure all of him was inside me.
“Now tell me Rose, who do you love?”

“Say it Rose, who do you love?”
Never losing focus of my face.

“You Logan... I only love you.”
I screamed out as multiple orgasims took over my body. He wrapped his arms around me placing soft kisses upon my back, “that's my girl” he whispered.

I laid in his muscular arms and the bite on my neck started to throb.
He looked into my eyes and placed a soft kiss on my lips. “I'm sorry that I hurt you my love” he whispered as he pulled me closer.

“That was something else, I must say”
He laughed softly.

“Something?” he whispered.

“yes, I've never had sex like that before” I whispered.

“You mean never made love?” He interrupted my sentence.

“Yes boss, never made love like that before” I whispered as he pressed his lips against mine.

“I'm so glad I finally found you Rose?”

“How long have you been searching?” I mumbled against his lips.

“Well about one hu... One year he finished his sentence!”

“You're really weird Logan” I teased him and just like clockwork he quickly picked up his clothes and rushed through the door before sunset.

Sighing loudly I plunged my head into the pillow and screamed into it like a crazy woman.
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