Forbidden Desire

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I just couldn't lay there all night with a million questions on my mind, it was time someone was going to answer me.

With the unforgettable love making we just had locking me in slipped his mind
He said I wasn't a prisoner, and yet he made me feel like one.

Like a thief in the night I crept down the dim hallway into the garden taking a quick look around. He wasn't there neither was Charlie or his devil dogs. I tiptoed back down towards the kitchen and those fools weren't there either.
Where on earth did they go...?

Walking through those white doors was a huge mistake, the moment my feet touched the ground they stopped feasting on the carcasses, their red eyes stayed focused on me and blood dripped down their mouths

I stepped a foot back and they growled fiercely, I spun myself around as fast as I could and ran back through those white swinging doors. unfortunately only one got hit with it, the other ten chased after me howling like crazy.

My stupid pumps just had to fail me now, I laid on the ground as they slowly approached me grunting and growling.
This is it Rose say your final prayer...
It charged towards me “no please!” I yelled at the top of my lungs as its jaw opened inches away from my face.

A huge black dog gripped it's neck and flung it into the wall. I screamed all the way to the room, shut the door behind me and pushed his dresser in front of it making sure those things wouldn't be able to come in.

My heart raced rapidly as I sat against it as extra reinforcement, I heard cries from behind the door.
This didn't sound like them, it was Different.
You know the cry your dog makes when he's sorry for ripping your shit to pieces while you are at work? That's the sound which came from the other side.
I held on to my chest until the painful screams finally stopped.

This is where forwardness gets you Rose…

Logan had gotten me into this fucked up situation, he had promised to keep me safe and protected at all times, where the fuck was he when those things tried eating me?

I was beyond pissed, laying against the door in a fetal position trying to squeeze the pain out while my blood felt like it was on fire.
He will soon face my wrath...

The morning sun kissed my face as I laid there my arms and legs were stretched out
I've never been more happy to see sunlight.
I smelt his scent from the other side of the door yet he said nothing to me, I finally built up enough courage to push the drawer away.
He has a lot of explaining to do...

My heart dropped to my knees as I opened the door, he was laying there butt naked covered in blood.
Screaming out in horror, he looked up at me smiling sweetly “don't worry sweetheart I'm fine” he whispered before passing out.

Having no choice I ran towards the cages to get help, Charlie stood with his arms folded looking down at their lifeless bodies

“Cha-Cha-Charlie help please” I yelled.
He looked at me shamefully.
“Do you see what you have done?” He roared, stretching out his arm towards my throat.

“I wouldn't do that if I were you!” His faint scratchy voice growled. I turned around to face him as he held onto the swing doors. His naked body bent half way over as he tried catching his breath.

Charlie's jaw hit the ground “Ma-Ma- Master, I didn't mean to...”
“Cut the shit Charlie, help me to my room” his voice filled with pain.

I followed slowly behind them watching his arm around Charlie's shoulder for support. Tears rolled down my cheeks and he stopped dead in his tracks.
Turning around to face me,“I told you I'm fine Rose, do not cry!” he said, his voice boomed out.
My eyes automatically lowered while tears still flowed out uncontrollably.

Once in the room Charlie helped him onto the bed and excused himself needing to get medication. My eyes examined him looking for any signs of broken bones or deep wounds.

Blood stained the white sheets beneath him bringing panic to my face. He grabbed onto my arm pulling me closer and he placed his warm hand on my cheek. “Didn't I tell you I will always protect you?” he whispered softly.

“Yeah I sighed, don't worry about that you're hurt.”

“Does seeing me in pain bring you pain Rose?”

“No” I said as my eyes filled up

“You don't have to say it my darling I can see it on your face” he took a hold of my hand and placed it upon his lips. Just then that fool walked in carrying a dish, he sat it beside me and I watched the green leaves which floated at the top.

“What the hell Charlie where is the antistatic and needles, I need to stitch him up” I shouted.

“This will make Master better Mistress. Move aside and let me tend to him!” he hissed at me.

“No” I yelled “he is mine” I will see to him just get lost. My words brought a smile to his beautiful face.

I cried each time I placed a leaf on his open wounds, knowing this wasn't the regular treatment I'd use on my patients.
Normally I wouldn't cringe but this was HIM we're talking about.

hours ago I wanted to beat him to a pulp. He was right seeing him like this felt like daggers were being pierced into my heart but I could not tell him that.
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