Forbidden Desire

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The stupid mistake of leaving the room when he warned me over and over again not to almost got him killed.

You almost got him killed, you such an idiot Rose…

Deep down I knew the truth but needed to hear it from him. He'd been avoiding the obvious for such a long time it was getting old.

He crashed through the window shattering glass everywhere. His gorgeous bottle green eyes gave it away. The way they stared into my soul made me yearn for his touch even though I knew exactly what he was.

The whole blood dripping, biting, licking, sucking, hardcore hair pulling intense fucking was what I wanted, no, needed from him.

I fucked a sexy beast and I liked it...

I sat beside him as he fell asleep while he clung onto my hand causing my heart to relax a bit. He looked like an innocent puppy even though he was a big bad wolf.

I removed the dried up leaves and replaced them with fresh ones. He howled loudly before closing his eyes again each time. I've never experienced such torment before.
Waiting for him to recover from what I had done was the worse part...

After a few hours his breathing went back to normal and heartbeat was regular.
Good God I need a shower! I thought to myself, five minutes without me wouldn't hurt, he'd be ok without me...

Soft whispers came from the room the minute I got the water going, pressing my ear against the door was enough to get my blood boiling.
“Are you ok mi amor, oh how I miss your soft lips pressed against my pussy” she whispered.

I sped out of there like a bat out of hell
Turning into a complete psycho.
She was leaning down ever ready to touch what was mine and only mine.
“You bitch” I yelled as I wrapped my hands tightly around her neck.
“How dare you put your greasy fingers on him? He's mine!” I yelled.

Typically I'd never fight for a man but clearly he wasn't one, he was more than that...

I held her up against the wall as her feet dangled off the ground, my mind filled with complete rage.
I yelled continuously and could feel my blood pressure skyrocketing.

My head spun as I held up in mid air, my vision blurred and I soon couldn't recognize my own voice, it sounded more high pitched.
I wanted to murder her right there fortunately for her I passed out just as soon as her face started loosing color.

Coming to my senses I found myself laying next to him, his hand cupping mine, my heart pounded rapidly as though I were going to have a heart attack.

Charlie looked down at me shaking his head in shame. “What happened?” I whispered.

“Well mistress you almost killed the girl” he said as he let out a little chuckle.

Now I was confused..
Was he happy or angry about it....? This man never seemed to make any sense.

“Wait, I almost killed who?” I remember being in the shower how the hell did I get here...?
My memory was failing me.

“Mistress...nevermind that just relax a bit while I tend to Masters' wounds!”
The Mistress thing didn't seem to bother me anymore. “Charlie, what else are the two of you keeping from me?” I questioned.

“W-what else? Uh..uh we k-keeping nothing from you m-mistress don't worry” he stuttered throughout his sentence obviously there was something more than his master being a terrifying wolf.

What could top that...?

He ripped the leaf off causing Logan to squirm in pain. My blood began to boil over and I grabbed onto his arm as my fingernails penetrated deep into his skin releasing some blood.
“I'm sorry mistress I didn't mean to please, please let go I'll be gentle I promise” he yelled.

Snapping out of my blind rage I realized what I was doing. The last thing to leave my lips before I passed out yet again was “I'm sorry Charlie.”


This poor girl has no idea what he had done to her, she trusts him completely yet the monster within him can not be tamed.

I tried helping her, I honestly did.
I thought throwing her into the stench would make him not want her yet it intrigued him even more, he snapped making it harder for me to get her out of here.

Master had been with many women but none like Rose, the sharpness of her tongue made him lose it completely. He was taken by her and nothing was going to stop him from changing her.

They would always turn into some distorted creature after spending the night with him..
But Rose, Rose was different, her beauty amplified and It was too late now she belonged to him.

How could I tell her master was an Alpha, giving her body to him ment their souls were becoming one. her uncontrollable temper to protect him was now her nature.

would she even believe me if I told her...?

She didn't realise it but her whole world was about to be turned upside down by Her

It wasn't my place to share his secret..
She would soon find out what pure wrath meant.
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