Forbidden Desire

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Her Return

Finally I got to lay beside him, my arm wrapped around his soft black fur with his back turned towards me. He whimpered in pain as my body heated up, Charlie shuffled between the two of us. Replacing Logan's leaves with fresh ones and he placed a few on my forehead trying to get my fever under control.

My fingertips ran through his fur as Charlie lifted me off the bed carrying me towards the bathroom. “Charlie” I whispered through my clenched teeth as I looked up at him, his blisters didn't seem to bother me anymore.

“Hush child everything is going to be ok," he whispered. I gasped loudly as he placed me into the ice cold water, those green leaves floated around. The lavender scent filled the bathroom and my body seemed to relax a bit.

“Don't worry, mistress , I will be in to check on you soon,” he said softly. There was a change in his voice, he sounded almost compassionate. My eyes rolled back as the convulsions kicked in which caused my body to shake like crazy, there was nothing I could do but wait for it to pass.

Charlie rushed in holding onto my hand as his eyes seemed to tear up. I could almost see some sadness in them.
What was going on? a few hours ago he tried killing me and now he suddenly wanted to help me...

As soon as my body stopped shaking he placed his hand onto my head, “see that wasn't so bad now was it?”

His screams got me to sit right up. He placed a soft touch upon my shoulder and hushed me once again, “master will be ok, you stay here and relax please do not get out” he whispered.

This time I will listen to instructions…

My heart fell to pieces as I heard his soft muffled growls coming from the opposite side of the door.

My eyes closed as I tried blocking out his pain. Just then the door flung open and in walked a tall beautiful lady with fur wrapped around her shoulders.

“Get out of there!” she demanded.
His howls grew louder as she tapped her foot against the tiles.

“I'm sorry but who the fuck are you? Another one of his untamed whores”
I said bluntly.

She grabbed onto my chin tightly and released it forcefully. “My oh my, my this one has a sharp tongue on her!” She hissed out.

She grabbed the white towel from the side wall and flung it at me.
“Now get the fuck out, and don't make me ask you again” she screeched, her tone changed from fierce to dangerous.

As soon as I got the towel wrapped around me, two well built men stood on either side of her. “Sit!” She yelled, they took a step closer towards me, she raised her hand in the air making them step back.

Who the fuck does she think she is the Queen..?

I soon swallowed my words as Charlie bent down onto his limpy knee taking her hand into his, kissing it gently.
“Your Majesty, what a surprise” he whispered, causing my jaw to drop and my eyes could have popped out of my sockets immediately.

“Close your mouth girl!” she shouted as her black eyes stared at me.

“Charlie, are you not the caretaker of this place?”

“Yes your majesty” he mumbled with his head hanging low

“Are you not the caretaker of that fool over there?”

“Yes your majesty” he whispered once again as his eyes still stayed focused on the ground.

“Who is that?” Her sharp fingernails pointed at me.

“I'm Ro..” She rudely interrupted me by silencing me immediately.

“W-w-well your majesty that's Rose” he stuttered while his body trembled in front of her. Logan continued to howl from beneath the blanket, I tried getting up to comfort him but the witch stopped me from touching him.

What's her deal…?

“Why is this human creature bathing in the sacred leaves?” she screamed loudly. Charlie froze, he looked at me while worry filled his eyes. “Your majesty please, this one is different.” He said as he finally looked at her.

Her eyes automatically pierced at me, “different huh?” She shouted as she stood up to examine me.
“Stand!” she demanded ,my quivering legs stood in front of her as she looked at me from top to bottom.

She turned towards Charlie, slapping him straight across the face. I could have sworn one of his boils popped.
“You fucking moron, have I not forbade him from his human Desire?
That imbecile laying there clearly took after that father of his.
God bless his soul, no wonder we are sitting with half breeds running all over the place!”

“Your majesty” he interrupted, she slapped him again making me jump to my feet.

“How did this mess happen?” she asked as she pointed her finger in Logan's direction.

“Your majesty, it's my fault that he's in this condition” I blurted without thinking. She stepped towards me shaking her head, before I knew it my body hit the ground and she circled me like a vulture circling its prey.

“You're the one who got my son into this mess?” She shouted. I got onto my feet and the taste of metal struck my tongue.

“Did I ask him to take me out of that cage,wine and dine me, ooh and make me breakfast, lunch and supper?”
I completely ignored the whole son part, I was enraged and my mouth had a mind of its own.

She smirked before slapping me to the ground with much more force this time. “This little girl has a sharp tongue, Charlie. I'm surprised you haven't cut it out yet.” She screeched.

Logan's howls tormented me, I got up speeding past her taking his huge paw into my hand.

“Don't worry I'm not afraid” I whispered into his ear before looking up at her with a smirk of my own.
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