Forbidden Desire

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My Choice

Queen Arcaina:

Watching that pesent lay in our sacred leaves could only mean one thing. He found the one his heart had been desiring for all these years.

She's not a pure blood!
How am I going to get rid of that Human?

I tried stopping him from acting like a male whore but did he listen?
No, he had to take after his father, yes I loved that man with all my heart even though he had bad qualities.

As I watched her cup my sons paw into her hand, memories of how we met struck me like a bolt of lightning.

How we met:

Our fathers were sly dogs, they made a pack to have us married when we turned of age 16.
I know that's pretty young but we are wolves after all..

Being the rebellious teens that we were refused even though we had never met.

It was my very first hunt. I remember it like it was yesterday. She was a beautiful redhead, round about my age, picking Roses on the outlands. Her eyes were as blue as the ocean and her lips were as red as the roses she picked.

She saw me at first glance and wasn't afraid. She just stood there waiting for it to happen, I froze unable to do it.

His devilish ways got my attention when he beat me to the kill.
Those two sly Devils watched from a distance as we fought over who's kill it was. His green eyes just stared at me as I dragged her back to the clan.
Her blood circled my taste buds like freshly picked cherries.

My father smiled as I proudly walked in pulling her lifeless body behind me.
Every kill after that was his yet he allowed me to walk away with it
How cunning...

Showing up on my doorstep with his father was a complete shock. They looked at each other with such great accomplishment as we stared at each other wondering what was going on.
Of Course they didn't let the cat out of the bag until we tied the knot.

His uncontrollable urge to be with humans is what drove us apart, clearly Logan took after him.


She looked at me with such disappointment in her eyes yet it was Logan's choice to be with me…

“Get away from my son!” she yelled before those two oversized men grabbed onto my arms and tossed me out of the room.
What the hell did I do...?

She cracked open the door. “Well your dirty blood got my son into this mess!” she said before shutting it closed in my face.

Sitting with my back towards the door
It finally dawned on me that Logan was royalty, What in the actual fuck did you get yourself into Rose?

Even though I was in a shit load of trouble I smiled knowing he chose me.
I was not going to allow his MOTHER to take him from me.

He growled loudly as she unleashed her wrath upon him.
“Why is it because she's human?” he shouted.

“Let me in” I screamed as I banged loudly on the door until one of her goons opened up.

I rushed to his side, he was now sitting up, his gorgeous face back to normal. Looking out the window it was still night time, what was I missing?

“Logan....” I shouted as I wrapped my arms around him. I placed a soft kiss on his prickly cheek, “are you ok?”

He cleared his throat before speaking to me. I guess he was adjusting to being back to normal. “My Rose” he mumbled as he wrapped his sore arms around me
“I'm sorry I should have told you what I was” he whispered into my ear.

Placing my finger on his soft lips
“I've always known Logan” I said softly.
He grinned , squeezing me tightly. “Naughty girl” he whispered against my lips.

She cleared her throat from across the bed forcing us to let go of eachother.
“Soooo little human girl you always knew what he was and yet you chose to almost get him killed.”

Tears rolled down my cheek, “Mum could you please stop throwing around the H word it's offensive!” he shouted as he wiped my tears away shaking his head.
“And almost getting killed was my choice!”

She stormed out with her two jokers following behind her. “We'll see how she feels after she hears what you've done” she screamed before laughing that very same growly laugh as she slammed the door behind her.

“Well I guess I owe you an explanation my darling” he whispered against my wet cheek.
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