Forbidden Desire

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Fuck Red Ridinghood


There's no way she could have just shown up at my doorstep, someone called her here..
Charlie would never over step his boundaries and the way she slapped him across the room proves that it couldn't be him.

This was not the way I wanted her to find out what I am but she wasn't phased at all, she held onto my fur as I laid beside her. I felt her quack beside me yet refused to leave my side. How am I going to explain what's happening to her body, I'm completely fucked.


His eyes gave it away, the way he looked at me made me afraid to ask any questions. Charlie excused himself once his master felt better. All I did was stare at him waiting for an explanation as to why his mother hated me so much.
Well the human part of me...

“Logan...why does she hate me so much?” I blurted out.
He sighed loudly, “it's not you she hates my love, she hates the fact that I proved her wrong”

“By taking uhm a human?” I asked sweetly.

“Well yes, there's a lot that I need to tell you Rose, I don't even know where to start” he sighed yet again holding onto his face.
“Start at the beginning then” I chuckled loudly.

“Babe the beginning goes back 200 years” My eyes widened, “200, how old are you?” He laughed, that adorable growly laugh melting my heart.

“Don't do that Logan, tell me, Is it going to take 200 years to tell me the story?”

He chuckled and kissed my forehead.
“Ok, ok calm down first you have to be in my arms before I spill the beans”

He didn't have to ask me twice…

Grinning as I jumped in next to him waiting patiently, my head laid upon his chest as he ran his fingers through my hair.

“So... My mum hates humans because a human took my fathers life” My eyes grew wider.
His heartbeat sped up and I placed my hand on his thigh to comfort him. “Well that's not the only reason, he continued, my dad had many affairs that's why we have half breeds running around”

“Half breeds?” I whispered.

“Yeah, those half breeds outside who tried eating you, I'm sorry for putting you in this predicament my love” he whispered.

“Logan...” I sighed.

“Ok, ok you're so impatient just know that I love you and always will” he said.

There he goes again avoiding what's going on with his charm…

I rolled my eyes at him so that he could see my annoyance. He laughed softly.
“When William and Eliza were born, Oh wait, that's my twin brother and sister by the way, they left when my dad left.”

Little droplets fell onto my face and I squeezed his hand, “I'm sorry my love, can we do this in the morning?” He whispered down to me.

was so irritated and needed answers but now was not the time.
His mother truly did a number on him...
All I could do was agree, my head still placed on his perfectly sculpted chest as the beat of his heart calmed me down.

I'm so afraid of the truth. What if it tears us apart...?
What if he wants me to leave?
Oh my God I'm freaking out...
I finally found my prince "literally"
And might have to let him go.

Fuck Red Ridinghood the wolf is mine..

If I have to fight his mother then so be it, she'd probably end up biting my head off but yeah he's worth it, Right...?

I waited for such a long time to spend the night with him and here I was almost asleep on his chest.
No, I can't let this opportunity go to waste...
I slid my hand into his boxers waking that humongous devil up.

“Wanna play?”I whispered as he moved his legs a bit, allowing me better grip.

He gasped loudly as I rubbed the tip of his already hard dick releasing some of his pre-cum. “Are you no longer in pain?” I asked seductively.

“Paaain...ah what pain” he mumbled as I rolled my tongue around his tip, he grabbed onto my Blond locks pulling my head up.

“You do know my mothers is...”
Not giving him a chance to finish his sentence I stuck my head back down there taking him into my mouth giving him no time to protest.

Obviously she was in the next room, I wanted her to hear how this "human" moans for her wolf son...

This was going to be interesting if only he could see the smirk on my face…

My mouth sucked him in making his toes curl. I rubbed the part of his dick which couldn't fit and worked the rest of him with my mouth.

I popped my head back out and continued torturing his cock with my hand. “You were saying?” I asked with a huge grin plastered on my face.

“Uh uh nothing” he moaned, that's what I thought.. grinning at his gorgeous face as it twisted with pleasure.

His dick twitched slightly as my hand tightened around him moving up and down faster. “R-Rose what are you doing to me?” he moaned loudly.

“Making you mine” I winked as I worked him up and down making him growl with anticipation.

“Fuck this” he whispered as he wrapped his hands around my waist. He flipped me onto my back spreading my legs ordering me not to move a muscle as he hopped off.

Giggling as I laid there, my hands pressed against my heated up clit, he stood on the side of the bed looking down at me. “Who said you could touch my pussy?” he growled.

“I'm sorry sir” I giggled once again.

“Hands out” he ordered, as soon as I stuck them out he wrapped a tie around my wrist he tied it to the bedpost.

“This is what you get for being a bad girl” My eyes widened.
I'm sure I look like a Deer about to be killed...

He Smirked as though he had hit the jackpot while he walked around the bed securing my other hand.

“Now you're going to get it, my little sexy freak,” he said seductively as he licked his lips.
My heart thumped loudly as he got onto the bed pulling my panties down, tossing it to the ground. “Hmm I see you already wet for me baby and I haven't even touched you yet!” he moaned.
I couldn't help it, just looking at him was a turn on.

He separated my lips before sliding his tongue inside me, taking it out he flicked it up and down my clit making me jump. “What's wrong baby, do you want me?” he teased as he rubbed his thumb against my clit while his fingers penetrated deep into slippery pussy.

Taking my hard nipple into his mouth he sucked hard “Hmmm do you want me Rose?” he whispered against my hard nipples.

“Yes, I want you to ravish me Logan” I basically screamed which caused him to laugh loudly.

“Your mine Rose, only mine,” he said sternly.

“Yes, yes, I am only yours Logan” I moaned as his fingers moved faster inside me.
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