Forbidden Desire

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Destroy Me

Well a good fuck does solve most problems...

His head moved down and flickered over my clit as his fingers pounded in and out of my hot steamy cunt.
My head automatically tilted back as he continued to please me until my cum oozed into his mouth and down my legs leaving a puddle beneath me.

“Good girl, now I want you to turn around” his dominance was a major turn on. The ties crossed over each other making them tighter. He moved my hair to the side and placed warm kisses on my neck down my back. He slapped my ass hard, making me moan. He slapped even harder this time causing me to jump.
“With pleasure comes pain my darling” he laughed, enjoying torturing me.

He rubbed his hard dick against my sensitive pussy making me yearn for him to be inside me.
“Is this what you want?” he moaned at me.
This time I wouldn't answer him.

“Ooooh so you want to play that game” he said as he rubbed it harder against my opening. “We'll see how long you can be quiet” he whispered before he shoved his dick into me.

I was not going to give in this easily.
He was going to have to work a bit harder..
He pulled out of me and bent down piercing his sharp teeth into my ankle, drawing some blood.
My legs shook as he licked it away.

He counted as he moved his mouth making a row of bite marks on my leg.
Humming before nipping my clit with his sharp teeth, my pussy twitched as he ran a quick lick over it. “Stubborn little girl” he whispers as he slapped my ass over and over.

I turned to give him a sexy smile, if only he knew how badly I wanted him to spank me…

His hard cock penetrated into me once again as hands gripped tightly around the headboard, he moved his body in a circular motion around my walls, pulling it out he then shoves it in harder this time making me moan loudly.

He let out a little laugh before ordering me to say his name. I shook my head from side to side in refusal. He cupped the front of my pussy and rubbed his fingers against my sensitive clit while his dick devoured me.

“Say my name Rose” he ordered once again as his fingers pressed harder against my heated up clit sending heat waves throughout my body.

“Logan ah fuck Logan” I moaned “That's what I thought” he whispered before moving his hard rod faster in and out of my heated core. He squeezed my butt cheek before spanking harder and harder while his dick moved in and out of me like a raging tornado.

“I want you to destroy me Logan” I moaned as he pounded in and out of me.
His groans became louder and growls intensified, “music to my ears darling” he whispered as he slammed harder and faster making sure to hit my g-spot over and over again.

My walls closed around his dick as my cum dripped down my legs, he did not stop he continued devouring me.
“That's my girl, I want you to come again for me” he growled. His hands held tightly around my waist and his nails pierced into my skin. His strokes became more intense and more aggressive which sent uncomfortable shivers down my spine.

He slammed his hardness inside making sure that all of him was taken in, panting loudly as he worked his magic. My moans became high pitched tones as I called out his name. I was in ultimate complete pleasure. My walls closed in around him once again while his dick twitched inside me. His sharp fangs dug into my back as his hot sticky cum exploded inside me.

“Fuck Logan, that was amazing” I said out of breath. He chuckled loudly removing his once hard dick from my tortured pussy and I already missed the feeling of him being caved inside me.

He bent down placing light kisses were he seemed to bruise me.
The pleasure was greater than the pain...
Surely his Mother heard her son devour me...

He released me from the restraints which constricted upon my wrist, “I'm sorry my love” he whispered before kissing each bruise he caused.

I laughed loudly “there's no need to apologize, I wanted to be tortured a bit” I winked at him so that he wouldn't feel bad about the bruising. He smiled sweetly as he cradled me in his big strong arms.

I could now rest easily knowing I was safe from my almost Monster-inlaw in the next room...
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