Forbidden Desire

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Her Deception


She laid in my arms looking like an angel while her head buried into my chest.
I know she wanted me inside her to tick mum off and after the performance we just had I'm sure she was pretty upset.

She needed to get over her human hating and accept Rose because she was here to stay, not by choice but for her uncontrollable sexual hunger to be with me.

I had turned this sweet girl into a sex craving maniac. Just being around me would spark her craving.

Mother found her in our leaves which could only mean one thing, She was changing.
But into what...?

The only person to witness a human change was mother. Would she give me the answers I needed before I told Rose the truth?
Or would She use it against me sooner or later just to tear us apart..?

I have to tell her the truth before it's too late...

She'd only hate me for a little while right...?
I laid beside her all night, hunting was out of the question. The poor girl had been put through enough for one night, a night that she had been waiting for a long time.

She tossed and turned throughout the night. How in the world does she get a peaceful night's sleep with all this moving around..?

I got up to stretch my legs, as I opened the door there she stood with a shocked look on her face. “Mother” I whispered, “please not now Rose just fell asleep.”
She rolled her eyes at me, not interested in what Rose was doing while I shut the door behind me. I couldn't give her a chance to enter the room.

“I was just on my way to the kitchen,” she said abruptly.

“That's fine mother, my home is yours” I said softly. She laughed loudly as she strolled past me.

“Let's not forget who gave you this home Logan” She said sarcastically.
She paid no attention to me as I walked behind her like an obedient puppy until we got to the kitchen.

“What is it son, trouble in Paradise?
I take it she still doesn't know what you have done to her?” she said as she laughed louder.

“Mother please.... I myself don't know what's happening to Rose” I shouted.

She turned around giving me a stern look, “I told you not to play with humans son, If you were to marry Octavia like I wanted, you wouldn't be in this mess!”

“Mother please” I begged

“No Logan, your father turned a human and left me for that horrid creature!” she blurted out.

“What?” I shouted.

Her eyes widened realising what she had just told me. She looked down avoiding eye contact.
I grabbed onto her arm, “Where is my father? you told me he died,” I screamed into her face.

Instead of answering the question she did what she had always done transformed into her original white wolf self and ran off. Going into a complete rage I transformed chasing her into the darkness of the night. Her two minions chased after me, cutting me off just before I got to her.

Of course I wouldn't hurt my own mother even though she lied to me for one hundred years of my life.
I was pissed and needed to get back to Rose before she noticed I was missing.

She still laid fast asleep, her beauty was astonishing...

Picking her head back up I placed her upon my chest, she mumbled “where have you been my love?”

“Just to get a glass of water darling go back to sleep” I whispered as I placed a kiss upon her head.

How am I going to tell Rose what she's becoming if I myself don't know…

Mother was going to tell me one way or the other...

Why would she lie about my father for so many years?
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