Forbidden Desire

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His Truth

Sunlight kissed his handsome face
He laid there for a while before my lust kicked in, just looking at him was a turn on.
I can't believe I have a wolf in my bed...

The question of what was happening still lingered in the back of my mind.
Placing soft kisses on his chest until he opened his eyes, he greeted me with an adorable smile.

“Hi my love, what time is it?” he whispered, his voice still groggy.

“Hi,” I whispered back as my lips pressed against his sending tingles down my spine.

My body clearly had a mind of its own
Before I knew it I was on top of him rocking my body against his, the bites he left me last night stung with every movement. He flipped me onto my back, pressing his lips to mine. “Baby not now, I have something really important to take care of.”

“Like what?” I blurted out.

He kissed me once again “I'll fill you in a bit later, Charlie will be waiting to serve you breakfast.”

My eyes widened, “No more eating in the room?”

He laughed softly, “you want mother to think you're my sex slave?”

“Of course not even though I am,” I winked at him as he hopped out of bed. “What's so important that you got out of bed at five in the morning?” I sighed.

“Babe it's Nothing go back to sleep I'll see you a bit later ”
This man has a lot of secrets been kept away from me...

I laid in bed for a few more minutes waiting for the burning between my legs to stop. Unfortunately it only got worse, he really showed me who's boss last night...
I laughed to myself as I hopped into the bath. Some of those magic leaves would be a good idea..


Leaving the room last night was a bad idea. My mother, the person who has given birth to me, has lied about my fathers whereabouts for so many years and getting the truth out of her is going to be hard.

I need a game plan…

Phasing the hallway waiting for her to leave the room was not an option, Rose would find me. I'm sure she has even more questions than before.

She already knew I were a wolf
Well a 150 year old wolf, damn I'm old...
first I'd have to start by telling her what I had done to her then work my way around telling her she stopped aging the moment I fucked her.
That much I knew.

What about the rest..?
She needs to give me answers before I lose my mind...

Those goons wouldn't allow me near her after last night's performance
What to do, what to do..?


Charlie Waited for me in the kitchen with a half breed by his side, Logan killed the rest. Nervously taking a seat as he poured some coffee into the cup he whispered. “Not to worry, mistress, this one has been beaten. He knows better than to test my patients!”

“Will Logan's mum.. uhm Queen Arcaina be joining us?”
He laughed softly, “my dear you have much to learn”
He placed a stake in front of me and immediately my mouth watered.

In L.A I never ate this much steak..
It was basically breakfast, lunch and supper. The taste was different compared to the first one Logan made for me.
Oh well, there's no way I'm letting this meal go to waste...

After eating Charlie placed a glass of red wine into my hand forcing me to leave the kitchen, I strolled down the hallway almost knocking queen Arcaina over. I held on to my mouth as some of my wine fell onto her beautiful light blue gown.

She was stunning, she didn't look a day over 30, her golden blond hair sat firmly in place and her skin was as smooth as a baby's bottom.
Logan clearly got his looks from her..
Those bottle green eyes looked sternly at me as I stood there like a fool wondering how old she really was.

“Look at what you've done you foolish little human girl!” she shouted trying to wipe the wine off her dress. She placed her fingers against her nose and took a sniff.
“Oh, I see his feeding you this now” she laughed loudly as she stuck her nose back into the air and walked away.

Taking a sniff of the wine I couldn't smell anything wrong with it, her body looks young but she's probably losing that old mind of hers...
Giggling to myself as I walked towards the garden.

Logan lay stretched out under the oak tree, crossing my arms as I stepped closer to him. “Is this the important thing you so urgently needed to do?”
The look on his face had me confused
Immediately plopping myself down next to him.
“What's the matter?” I whispered.

He gently placed his head onto my lap and I felt his tears soak up my jeans. I rubbed my free hand against his head as he laid there not saying a word for a few minutes.

“Logan, talk to me please” I squeaked
I've never seen him this upset before.

“Rose, do you remember the promise you made to me?” He whispered

“Yeah, to stay with you” I mumbled.

“Well there's something I need to tell you, the only reason you agreed to stay with me is..” he sighs loudly.
“You didn't have a Choice”

“Aha that time I was your prisoner” I said as I laughed softly while my hand continued stroking his hair.

“No Rose, you don't have a choice, I took your free will away from you the minute I claimed you to be mine.”

He could feel my body tense up. I sat up and immediately he grabbed onto my hand.
“Rose I marked you as mine, Do you understand? ”

My eyes widened as he continued,
“The night you gave yourself to me was the night you lost your ability to say no to me, your sexual desire towards me has enhanced because I ruined you, haven't you noticed your features changed? ”

“I've turned you into....” His sentence died right there.

I sat there stunned, not a word left my lips.
“Rose, my Rose I didn't mean for this to happen it was a mistake” he said softly.

“Are you done!?” I yelled before letting go of his hand.
Taking a stand I circled him gulping down the wine which now tasted bitter.

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