Forbidden Desire

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Alpha Bullshit

My mind went bonkers from what he had told me. I huffed and puffed as I stormed around him.
“Who do you think you are?”
Not giving him a chance to reply.
“So you telling me all the times we spent together was a lie?”
This is what your mother meant last night!”

“Let me guess all those other women didn't have a choice either!”
His jaw dropped.
“Oh my god Elizabeth.... that's why she went crazy seeing you from her cage. What have you done to her?” I shouted.

He lifted his brow “Rose.... I” interrupted him once again.
“Charlie oh and Charlie that's why he freaked out seeing your bite mark's all over me, What the fuck Logan?” I screamed.

Tears filled his eyes,“I'm sorry so baby!“ he sighed.

“You're sorry, is that all you have to say?”
“The torture my body has been going through is all your fault!”
“Am I turning into Elizabeth?”
“What's happening to my body?”

Sighing loudly he pulled me to the ground “I knew you'd be upset that's why it took me such a long time to tell you Rose, I didn't mean for any of this to happen”
My blood boiled as he kept apologising.

“Logan!” I shouted at the top of my “What's happening to me?”

“Rose you are the One! The one I've been waiting for one hundred years, well minus the fifty years that I've been chasing women.”

“ What, you're 150 years old?”
“But that's not the point, what's happening to me Logan?” I asked as tears fell down my cheeks.

“Please don't cry, Rose, it hurts my heart,” he whispered.

My voice became shaky, “just tell me the truth Logan please all I need to hear is that I'm not going to become a half breed or some hideous monster!” I sniffled.

He laughed loudly, taking hold of my hand. “Half breeds are born, Rose not made and no, you're not going to be a hideous monster I promise.”

“Good I don't want to be an ugly forgotten lover of yours! ” I shouted.

“That won't happen! did you not hear me saying you are the one I've been waiting for?”

“Clearly I wasn't thinking straight,
What does that even mean?”

“Rose the reason you haven't deformed the way Elizabeth has is because you're my soulmate, I've always known a human was my mate...”

“Oh, in other words you played with my life?”

“No Rose trust me I knew” he blurted out.

I have to get out of there before I rip his head off...
Turning around I stormed back in right past his mother whose growly laugh annoyed me, I stared daggers into her before walking away.


The moment she tapped her feet folding her arms in front of me I knew I'd had it, enough was enough I couldn't hide the truth from her anymore.

Her anger was a turn on but I had to control myself and let her vent.
What if she leaves..?
Could she leave?

I've heard about humans not being able to leave their mate but hadn't witnessed it.

Chasing after her would mean she had control over me and that was something I would not allow.
My Alpha bullshit kicked in once again.
Phasing up and down my heart felt like it was about to pop out of my chest.
This woman was going to be the end of me...

Fuuuck, what have I done...?
I was planning on telling her the truth but not like this. This was all mothers fault she shared my secret and kept hers for eons. She was going to fix what she broke..


Logan really pissed me off immensely, not the part about claiming me without my consent but the part about me not having a choice to leave.
I clearly remember standing like a fool drooling over him when he took me to his room, well now our room.

I was the one who needed a good fuck and received one. Yes I'm more attracted to him now but sex has nothing do with it, or does it..?
I have to prove him wrong by leaving..

I missed my stuffy apartment and weird friends, I needed help getting out of here.

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