Forbidden Desire

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I need to get out of here before I end up killing someone, namely Logan...

Going to Charlie for help was out of the question, his Logan's lapdog obviously wouldn't help me.
Even though Elizabeth annoyed me I have no choice but to ask her for help.

Carl did say she knew more than she was letting on and she was the reason they all were in cages. I'm sure she'd want me gone thinking that she would have a chance with Logan.
"My Logan" My blood boiled from just thinking about her dirty hands touching him.

Well there's no other way...
What needs to be done shall be done...

I poked my head out making sure he wasn't lurking the hallway and tip toed towards the kitchen. Ofcourse Charlie was around making sure everything was in order now that the Queen was around everything had to be in place.
We'd hardly see any humans around; they too had to be kept in cages.
In her eyes that's where we belonged...

Was I still human..?

“Charlie, uhm I need to see Elizabeth”
Giving me a confused look he pointed towards those white doors. I rolled my eyes at him in annoyance.
“I can't believe you Charlie, how could you put them back there?” I yelled.
He looked at me with that, what the fuck look.

Ignoring his foolishness I walked through only to find Arcaina looking at them in pure amazement. My plan had to wait until she left or I could just speak to her about getting me out of here, she doesn't like me anyway...

Taking a deep breath I stepped beside her,“uhm your majesty may I have a word with you?” I squeaked nervously.

“What do you want, little human, oh wait, not so human girl” she said sarcastically.

Her response didn't bother me at all; she was a nasty piece of work.
“I need your help” I whispered.
She raised her brow waiting for me to continue, “well I need to get out of here!”
She laughed loudly with full attention upon my face, “please I don't know where I am” I whispered.

“Of Course you don't, that's because he injected you!” she said smugly.

“Logan? Never mind that's not important, I just need to leave from here” I whispered to her.

“I'm guessing my son doesn't know that his pet wants to escape”

“Well I know you don't like me, you've made it very clear, So will you help me or not?” I snapped at her.
Without a second thought she agreed.


Logan approached me and I knew what was coming, instead of giving him the answer he needed I told him about his father. How could you I be so foolish...?

I could not face him after hiding the truth away for all these years, walking the outskirts all night avoiding confrontation was my only choice.

My heart yearned for Victor all these years even though I was the one who drove him out, I tried looking for him beyond the walls which separated us from those horrid creatures which he loved so very much.

One can only spend so much time searching until they give up...

And now my Logan is trapped between one's legs.
I had to get rid of her in some way or the other...
Yes, my dear Logan's heart would be broken but that sweet peach would fix him right up. She would have to pretend to be his mate even though she wasn't, that's a chance I am willing to take.
She's a pure breed unlike that Rose!

Without any doubt I agreed to help the one standing in my way of uniting the two of them. I wanted her gone more than she wanted to leave, that poor little pup of mine is unaware that Rose had overwhelming willpower to leave even though he claimed her.


Most of the day went by and Logan hadn't come to check up on me, he probably wanted me to leave too!
Well my mind was made up. I was going to leave and never come back.

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