Forbidden Desire

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Los Angeles

Night time fell and surely she stood with her two goons at her side ready to get rid of me.
My heart thumped loudly as I walked down the hallway expecting him to stop me from leaving but he never showed up,we walked through the garden down a pathway through huge rusty old gates.

The minute I stepped my foot through those gates my heart sunk, turning around every minute my eyes searched for him. Tears streamed down my cheeks as Arcaina walked beside me not saying a word for a few minutes.

“What are you waiting for, little human?”
“He's not going to come, trust me he's better off without you!” she spat out.
I wanted to rip her evil throat out but what would be the point, Logan made his choice.

We walked a mile before my body started heating up, my legs quaked beneath me and his name left my lips as I fell to the ground.

I opened my eyes to that annoying early morning honking, caffeine penetrated my nostrils. “Fuuuck!” I shouted, stubbing my toe against the nightstand, it took a few minutes until my sight cleared up.
He popped his head out from the kitchen, “Honey are you ok?” he shouted.

My jaw almost hit the ground, he walked towards me kissed my lips and held me around my waist before leading me towards the kitchen.
“Take a seat, I've made your favorite blueberry pancakes and coffee.”

I sat there staring at him as though he were a ghost. “What are you doing here?” I whispered while my head spun uncontrollably.
He walked around the table wrapping his arms around me and my body cringed from his touch.

“What are you doing here?”
“How the hell did I get here?” I shouted as I held onto my head.

“What do you mean Rosey, you texted me to come over last night. When I got here you were passed out, you really shouldn't drink so much.”

My cell phone...?
“I..I texted you that's impossible, my cell phone....” not allowing me to finish my sentence he spun me around pointing towards my phone placed on top of the microwave.

“Jason what the hell happened last night?”
My mind went haywire, rushing over to my now perfect cellphone. I remember throwing it against Logan's wall, what the hell...?

I unlocked it and there were a million text messages, missed voice calls and emails.

Scrolling through there were messages between Jason and I which read.

Hey babe I'm back. I've been working in Miami for a few months..
Please come over so I can explain

Jason: hey lover I've missed you I'll be there in two hours

Last message which I had apparently sent to Henna three days ago read.

Hi Biatch I'm in Miami having the time of my life see you in a few days

Can't wait to see you rosey-posey
Just text me when your back I'm glad you haven't been kidnapped

What the fuck was going on my cell has been broken for a few months now, God dammit this has Arcaina written all over it!

Jason stared at me as I tried gathering my thoughts,“uhm Rose are you ok?”

“No, Jason everything is fucked, get out!” I yelled.

His face went pale immediately. “Rose I've waited all these months to see you and you're throwing me out after calling me here?” he whispered.

“Ah fuck out now!” I yelled at the top of my lungs. The poor guy didn't even stand a chance with me raging like a mad woman.

“Rose when the alcohol wears out don't call me” he screamed before shutting the door.
What the fuck, what the fuck…? I jumped up and down throwing my shit around making my apartment look like it's been hit by a tornado.

I fell to my knees and sobbed like a little child,“Looooogan!” I screamed until my body hit the ground.
Surely the whole apartment building heard me.

I woke up back in bed, his hand caressed mine, my eyes were still blurry but his scent filled up my lungs.
“I thought you'd never come,” I whispered.
His growly laugh brought tears to my already blurry eyes.
“Did you think you could get away from me so easily darling?”
“I did say you were mine and meant it!” he said sternly.

Wiping my tears away. “Luckily I didn't rip his arms off while he was holding your waist” he chuckled again.
“I can't promise luck will be on his side next time.”
My hands automatically wrapped around his neck pulling him closer, I placed my lips against his “Why didn't you come last night Logan?”

“I was there my love, watching you storm through those woods.”

“Why did you not stop me?” I sobbed as he continued holding me, he laughed loudly “because your anger turns me on Rose I wouldn't be able to control myself, plus I needed to know if you'd really leave me” he whispered against my cheek.

“It's not a joke,”I laughed softly burying myself deeper into his shoulder.
My heart was at ease knowing that he never left me even though I left him.


If Elizabeth hadn't told me what mother and Rose were up to perhaps I'd be too late.

Making my mother think she had won was the best option I had. She'd never allow Rose to be at peace, I had to make her believe that we were done.

Watching my poor Rose suffer broke me but at that point in time there was nothing I could do.

He was lucky I didn't smash through those windows and rip his head right off his shoulders, she's mine and mine alone..
Watching her throw him out of her apartment said a lot.

Her anger was what attracted me to her in the first place. There was no way in hell I was going to let my Alpha male ego get in the way of claiming what already belonged to me.
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