Forbidden Desire

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Boy Toy

He grabbed onto my mouth and flashed a quick flame into my face.
“What the hell Paul?” I shouted.
“Quiet you mad woman, you want to get us killed?” This tongue was sharp but I was in no mood to use it.
He had already burst the beautiful bubble I was in.

“We need to move,” he whispered. All I could do was roll my eyes at his madness.
A normal person would stay put.

Lifting me up and out he soon followed. My hands shook uncontrollably as all sorts of what if's played on my mind. He took a hold of my shaky hand as we walked trying to be as silent as possible.

A twig broke a few feet away from us. We paused and my nails dug into his skin as I stood waiting for something to come charging at us. He gasped loudly before he started walking again making sure to tug me along as he counted.

He counted softly
“Five” he said before Stopping again. He took a sharp look around before bending down and a loud squeak followed.

He stepped down and shouted “Get in!” making sure to slam the door shut behind him once I did. Dim lights hung above me with an almost broken coffee table placed in the middle of the room.

Canned food laid scattered everywhere. “Watch your step,” he said as I squinted trying to make out where I was exactly.

He was a tall man with black hair which fell into his pale face. He sighed loudly as he plopped himself down onto the half broken sofa which was placed against a metal wall.

Then it hit me, we were in an underground bunker. Never did I ever think I'd see one, let alone be in one.

“How is it that within a week of being here you have a place in the middle of nowhere filled with food?”

“Ahh well, some of us have amazing abilities” he said with a huge smirk which made me roll my eyes at his smugness.

“Open the cupboard to your left and have a look, help yourself to whatever you want.” He said letting out a loud sigh once again.
“I've been rationing, well now that you are here we have to split it.”

“I can't stay here!” I shouted as my anxiety started kicking in while I phased up and down. He raised his eyebrow at me, “you're more than welcome to leave Rose, be my guest” he shouted back.
Tears formed in my eyes and before I knew it rolled down my cheeks.

"I'm sorry" he whispered softly before crossing his arms and closing his eyes.

What a prick...

On opening the huge box placed in the far corner of the bunker it was frightening, there were all sorts of outfits, small, medium and large men's and women's clothes folded neatly and placed in the box.
“What happened to all these people?”

He snored loudly as I turned to look at him. Counting my steps I walked from one side to the other, the bunker was exactly a hundred feet.

How could it accommodate so many people?
Has the thought ever crossed his mind...?

I took a seat next to him and somehow I missed my boy toy.
Yeah he was married but maaaan was he a great fuck...

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