Forbidden Desire

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Wild Woman

He threw the pancakes into the bin
Seeing him so jealous made my heart happy. I sat at the table watching him Whip up a fresh batch with a smirk planted on my face.
He could see the excitement build up in my eyes, everything about him sent me into a lustful whore...

“Are we not going to have make-up sex?” sending him a sexy smile , he walked around the table placing a soft kiss on my forehead.

“That will come later, first I have to feed you”

“Talking about food, I've never seen you eat” I said sarcastically.
He laughed loudly “trust me you wouldn't want to see me feast on an animal.” he responded softly.

My brow lifted at him as he continued laughing, shaking his head as he walked back around to finish what he had started.

I loved the fact that he knew how to handle me…
He stacked up the pancakes in front of me,“how hungry do you think I am?” His green eyes stared at me “you haven't eaten so be quiet and eat before I put you over my knee” He whispered.

“That wouldn't be a bad idea” I said with a huge smirk on my face.

“Bad girl eat up or else no make-up sex” he threatened in a stern voice.

Pulling up a chair next to me he watched making sure I ate at least two pancakes. “h
Happy now?”

“No” He smirked, tapping his lap as an invitation.

I placed myself on top of him and rested my head on his chest. “Now I'm happy!” he said as he curled my perfect hair around his fingers.

“Logan....he hummed
Are you Staying?”
“Baby I have responsibilities back home, plus we wouldn't want mothers rage to reach the poor defenceless people of L.A now would we?” he said.

“I'm not going back there, she hates me,” I said as I buried my face into his shoulder.

“She doesn't hate you baby, she hates the woman my dad left with” he said as he let out a loud sigh.

“That's a topic for another day, kiss me!” he demanded.
Just the words I needed to hear...
I stretched myself around him and placed my tongue into his mouth twirling circles around his.

He tugged on my tonytail exposing my neck, his sharp teeth pierced my skin, Hmmm he moaned. “You taste good,” he whispered as he licked my blood off his lips.

“You act like you're a vamp” I laughed. He joined in on the laughter before sucking down hard onto my neck sending shivers down my spine.
Somehow this turned me on.

“There's no such thing as vamps darling and your body belongs to me I can do whatever I want” he said as he ran his tongue down my neck, his sharp teeth ripped my top open exposing my breasts. My hard nipples welcomed him as he wrapped his mouth around them sucking hard before pulling them, sending a heatwave throughout my body.

Grinding myself against him, his monster dick tried bursting out.
“I want you now Logan” I moaned into his ear, he lifted himself up and my legs automatically wrapped around him.

Placing me gently onto the couch he pulled my already moist panties off. He dropped his pants to the ground and without warning he shoved his huge throbbing cock inside me. He pulled me closer, making sure that I was up close and personal while his dick pierced deeper inside my yearning pussy.
“Harder Logan!”I moaned into his ear.

He pounded himself in and out of my wetness while he growled “who do you belong to?” I pressed my lips together, refusing to answer which caused him to dig deeper inside me.

After a while I screamed out in pleasurable pain that I only belonged to him.
His panting became louder as he slammed his body into mine, my moistness played a loud melody as he worked his dick in and out of me faster and faster until he lifted his head howling loudly as he his steaming hot cum penetrated inside.

Out of breath He placed my shaking legs onto the couch, taking a seat he tapped his lap. That's my que…
I hopped onto him and licked his neck. My now sharp teeth bit into him and he growled as he lifted me up, spreading my legs apart to welcome him inside me.
This man can go a mile...

My hands held firmly against his broad shoulder slowly lifting myself up and slammed hard down onto his rock-hard dick, I moaned I'm yours! into his ear each time making it more intense. My heated walls pounded against him like a wild woman while my nails dug deep into his back making him growl with intense pleasure, sweat dripped down our bodies as I grinned harder and faster on top of him.
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