Forbidden Desire

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Blazing Rage

His restless body laid beside me. I wrapped my arm around him until he calmed down.
I'm sure she noticed he was missing by now
How was I going to go back there..?

We could just stay here in my comfy little apartment but knowing how psychotic she was she'd probably end up outside my door showing off her craziness.

What are you going to do now Rose you dug yourself into a great big shitty hole...?

Burying myself into his warm baby soft skin, For now I was happy just being beside him.
10pm the front door slammed open. Logan was still fast asleep beside me, I rushed out of bed and walked straight into Jason.

“Whaaat are you doing here? Go home” I whispered so that my sleeping wolf wouldn't wake up.

“Baby, baby I miss your touch, come-on didn't you miss me?”

“No, I didn't miss you Jason. Please, I beg you to go home.”

“Why?” he yelled “those tight little holes of yours belong to me!”

I stepped towards him trying to force him back out the door but his stubbornness took over he grabbed onto my arm and twisted it swinging me around, his hot liquored up breath was now upon my neck.

“Was the guy who fucked you in Miami that good?”
“I want you right now Rose” He said as he ran his disgusting tongue down my neck, I tried pushing him away but failed miserably. His grip just became tighter.
“Let's not forget who broke you Rose” he slurred as he grinded his stiff dick against my nightdress.

His hands found their way to my exposed thighs.
“Jason No, let go of me!” I shouted.
His breath thickened, “I know you want me don't fight this” his voice sounded determined to ravish me.

“Get your fucken hands of my girl before I rip them off your body”
He growled as his eyes filled with rage.
He rushed towards us and pulled me away from Jason's grip, tossing him against the wall.

He transforms right there standing over him ready to bite his head off, “Logan no, Please no, he doesn't know that I'm yours, please Logan he had too much to drink!” I yelled.

Those beautiful green eyes stared at me as tears fell down my face. He walked towards me whimpering as I bent down to pet his head, “calm down I belong to you and only you” I whispered.

He calmed down immediately and transformed back to his normal self as he watched my face fill with fear. “Baby I'm sorry, he wanted to hurt you, are you ok?” he asked with his eyes still focused on Jason.

I kissed his lips and mumbled a quick yes.
For a moment I was scared shitless
A murder would have been committed right infront of me...

He held me close to his chest, his heart rate was through the roof. I placed my hand on his perfectly shaped chest while his eyes intoxicated me.
“Let's get rid of the trash” he whispered.
I giggled loudly knowing exactly what he was about to do.

He picked Jason up like he weighed nothing, howling loudly as he tossed him out the door. “You do know I have neighbours right?”

“Yeah, you want me to eat them?” he asked with a smirk on his face.

I laughed loudly throwing myself into his big strong arms,
“My sexy super-wolf,” I whispered into his ear as he carried me back to bed.

The remainder of the night we cuddled up as his hand never left my thigh.
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