Forbidden Desire

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I woke up in her corridor with a splitting headache, my body ached like hell. Everything from lastnight was blurry, what the fuck happened..?
Why am I not in her bed...?

I pounded my hand against her door. Rosey, open the fucken door right now I screamed like a crazy person.
Imagine my surprise when he opened the door instead of my Rose.
“What the fuck, Who are you? Where is my Rose?” I yelled but that foolish man laughed in my face before slamming the door shut.

God I drank way too much last night...
Continuous knocking didn't help; she clearly replaced me with a mannequin.
“Fuck this Rosey you are mine, You hear me”I shouted.


Waking up with his hand holding mine, so many questions filled my mind.
Having him here proved that he really loves me, going against her was a big deal. How am I going to face that mother of his...?
I sent a quick text to Henna hoping it would help calm my nerves.

Hey girl I'm home I have a hunk next to me wanna see?

She responded immediately.

Rose you such a bitch how is it that you already have a man in your bed? haha sure, show me this hunk of yours.

Snapping a quick pic of him I hit the send button.

Wow where did you get that sexy piece of ass from? She responded.

He was getting restless so I replied to her quickly saying Miami, come meet him tomorrow before wrapping my arms around him.

The door slamming shut could only mean one thing, Jason was here to turn my world upside-down once again.
The stench which left his lips proved that he'd been drinking again.
Getting him out quietly would be a problem. His touch felt different, it felt dirty and disgusting.

Yes he rough handled me before but this was something else, he had uncontrollable lust in his eyes...

Logan's anger scared me, the only other time I saw him lose his cool like that was when he slapped Charlie against the wall.
Would he have really killed Jason...?

Morning light shone into my eyes. I placed his hand over my eyes which caused him to chuckle,“Good morning my Sleeping Beauty! Come-on you're making breakfast” he turned me around to face him, placing a soft kiss on my forehead before he rushed into the shower.

“What are you going to wear?” I mumbled.
Popping his head out. “Nothing” he winked before closing the door.
I guess Henna would be meeting my man naked...

He wiped the steam from the glass as I closed the door behind me. "I was wondering when you'd be joining me, my pretty." He said with a huge smile as I jumped in.

“Do you want some?” he whispered, making my pussy tense up immediately from excitement. He pulled me closer to his rock hard Ab's forcing my breasts to press firmly against him.

His tongue ran down my neck as he hummed against it. He spun me around to face the glass and separated my legs with his. He navigated his already hard dick towards my opening, teasing me for a while before sliding it into me.
He pulled on my wet hair slamming himself in and out of me as my palms pressed against the glass.

He thrusted his rod faster, burning up my pussy. “Rose Marry me” he panted. Stopping his thrusts while he idled inside me.
“I really mean it my love Marry me” he said as hands squeezed my breasts while my back rested against his perfect body. Moaning loudly as he started slamming himself against me.

“Yes Logan yes”I shouted without even thinking. He sped up making me scream his name as he held my body tightly against his, his dick twitched inside me sending out a spray cum.

The warm water trickled down my face as he turned me around to face him, placing a soft kiss on my neck.
“So you said, well moaned yes just the way I wanted an answer from you” Letting out a little laugh my lips pressed tightly against his,“yes” I whispered, “this is just the way I wanted to be asked.”

He growled loudly, just then the front door slammed shut.
“Bitch where are you?” She screamed.

“Oh my god it's Henna I wasn't expecting her till later” I whispered.

“So sneaky, you called her over to check out your man candy?”

“Yeah, yeah Come-on ego let's get out before she comes in, that girl has no boundaries” I said with a bit of laughter as I stepped out and wrapped a towel around my wet body.

She really had no boundaries. She came flying into the bathroom and I shoved her out yet he caught a glimpse of him.

“Henna you're early” I said nervously.

“Well I was in a hurry to see that Adonis you have” she whispered.
Minutes later Logan walked out with a towel wrapped around his man parts, she ogled him from head to toe.
“Oh my god Rosey he is even hotter in person” she whispers.

He chuckled softly as he reached his hand out to greet her. “Hi I'm Logan, you must be Henna?”

“Wow Rosey he has a hot name too” she whispered with a little blush on her face.

Throwing my gown on I escorted her away from Logan into the lounge, “now be a good girl and stay here Henna I'm going to get dressed”

“Oh man I wanted to see how well he handles your body” she pouted.

“Crazy girl, give me five minutes!”
Logan's face was red from Henna's insanity. “Soooo I met your friend half naked!” he said as I tossed on my sweatpants and T-shirt.

She sat there like an obedient puppy, Pointing at my exposed nipples she giggled, I rushed over and wrapped my arms around her tightly. “I missed you so much Henna!” She squeezed me tightly and whispered.
“I missed you too Rosey Posey.”

“So let me guess, he's been stuck inside you all this time that's why you haven't called me?” she shouted.
My cheeks heated up immediately, “you always know what to say Henna.”
Logan's growly laughter filled the bedroom, “I like her” he shouted.

She joined in on the laughter. “See he likes me” she whispered as she twirled her fingers around my hair which never seemed to be out of place.
The perks of being whatever he turned me into...

“Rose this man is good for you, you're glowing everything about you looks better,” she laughed softly,“I'm not saying you weren't a complete bombshell before, but wow” she said as she inspected every inch of me.

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