Forbidden Desire

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Dumb Struck

Sitting beside her, Logan finally decided to leave the room wearing the towel. I offered Jason's clothes but he just growled at me.
I guess I'm going shopping later...

Plopping himself down between us he placed his hand on my thigh as his eyes focused on Henna,“so what you girls talking about?”

“You ofcourse!” she giggled.

“I was just asking Rosey if you're good in bed.”

“Henna, really?” I said as I rolled my eyes at her.

“What, it's just a question and you refuse to answer me so I might as well ask him” she turned to look at him with curiosity in her eyes.

“I'm a real wolf in bed” he smirked.

“Wow, out of all animals he chose a wolf, Rose. Where can I get one?”

“Well I do have a brother, he might devour you though he is not as tender and loving as I am.”

I butted into their conversation “Henna sweety it's time to go we'll catch up a bit later, you don't wanna be late for work now do you?”

“Rose you're such a spoiler” she pouted.

She continued pouting as I walked her out “RoseyI need some rough sex too” she said.
Logan laughed loudly “I'll be sure to give my brother a call” he shouted.

There's no chance of that happening...
She squeezed the life out of me before leaving.

I'm glad that's over..
“Are you hungry?” I asked from the kitchen as he sat with his eyes glued to an episode of blue bloods.
“Why do I not have a TV again?” he shouted back.

“I don't know, maybe all the hunting has occupied your time,” I shouted, which made no sense because we were literally eight feet away.

I placed a rare steak in front of him and he looked at me weirdly. “Well there's no wild animals running around in the streets please Logan at least try it before you end up murdering one of my neighbors cats”

Laughter filled up my tiny apartment as he sat there poking it with a fork.
He was weirdly adorable, he cut into it and allowed the defrosted blood to ooze out. “Ok I'm only doing this to make you happy” he said as he popped it into his mouth. his face twisted with disgust as he swallowed down hard.

“Baby I can't do this I'm sorry” he whispered wiping his bloody mouth.

“Logan, what have you been feeding me?” I asked curiously.

“You sure you want to know the answer?” He laughed loudly, I rolled my eyes at him as he stared at me. I dont find it funny at all...

“Rose let's not get into this right now, we just had makeup sex!” he said with a smirk placed on his beautiful face.

Plopping myself on top of him “sex wouldn't be bad right now” I whisper into his ear before nibbling his neck.

“What have I done to you my love” he whispered against my neck as he sniffed me in.

My hands rub against his towel waking up his monster which I craved so much,“I don't know what you've done but I sure do like it” Within seconds he flipped me over pinning my hands behind my head. “I like it too” he whispers grinning from ear to ear, his tongue made love to mine as he ripped the towel off allowing his humongous cock out to play.

It stared at me for a while before he got onto the couch, “open ur mouth and take me in” he ordered.

Before I knew it his dick plunged into my mouth hitting the back of my throat, next best thing I'm T-bagging him. His balls dipped in and out of my mouth. “Good girl, now stand up, remove your clothes and bend over for me” he ordered.

Like an obedient sex slave I stood up and removed my clothes, my body bent before him and the hunger in his eyes was overwhelming.
My pussy exposed itself to him, he growled loudly before grabbing onto my waist, his harnesses rubbed against my folds making me dripping wet with excitement.

He pulled my hair forcing himself into me. “Your pussy intoxicates me I just can't get enough,” he moaned with each stroke he took tunneling into me with force sending my body into overdrive.

Our moans matched each other as he sped up slamming deeper and faster, my legs started shaking from the intensity of his constant pounding as his dick moved faster and faster. He grew out of breath and threw himself onto the couch.

Still gripping onto my waist I spread my legs spread over his with my back facing him. my heated core welcomed him in once more. My nails dug deep into his thighs as I slammed myself vigorously against him, Logan's growls became louder and more sexual as he helped slam down harder.

Just then the front door shuts and Henna stands there dumbstruck, her eyes looked like they were about to pop out from their sockets.
“Oh fuck, Rose I'm so so sorry I-I forgot my phone” she mumbles while Logans dick stayed plunged inside me, “uhm do you wanna get it Henna or should I pass it to you?” I ask sarcastically.

She's so dumb struck she continued standing wide eyed,“Henna.... Snap out of it get, your shit and leave so I can finish doing what I'm doing” I yelled.

“Fuck Rose” she shouted once more before grabbing her phone off the counter and rushing out.

Logan, not phased at all by what just happened he gripped onto my waist tightly lifting me up and slamming me down hard until he released himself inside me.

“Now that was something else Rose” he laughed loudly.

“Uhm yeah, my best friend just saw you almost fuck my brains out” I said as I joined in on the laughter.

The look on her face was priceless..
My phone chimed like crazy and of course it's from my lunatic friend.

Oh my god Rosey that mansure does know how to keep you busy. Please can I have one?

Unable to control the laughter
she just had too...
Logan snatched my phone away and read her text immediately getting an ego.
Not to say he didn't have one already.
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