Forbidden Desire

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Goodbye L.A

After shopping for something decent for my man to wear it didn't take much for him to convince me to go back "home" There were a few conditions

1: no more cages for the humans who served him
2: He could hunt 3 times a week provided he'd be next to me when I woke up
3: find out what I really was
4: we'd visit Henna often and she'd be able to visit after I told her the truth
5: fight to have me by his side

Of course he agreed because I was not going to budge, his mother needed to come to terms with the fact that I was human. Well at least half and I was not going anywhere...

I was his for always...
He helped me pack up a few of my things, I sure as hell was not going to live like a hillbilly...

I sent her a text message saying goodbye, face to face goodbye would break me. She responded with yeah bitch I know it was written all over your sex face, I'm going to miss you please don't loose your phone again we can Skype love you my slut.
Reading her text made me feel better
I was glad she had her life on track.

Logan ordered the cab driver to drop us off at L.A bridge. We walked a couple of miles before I was out of breath, “why couldn't he just take us to your house?”

He growled “not my house our home”

“OK ok our home” I corrected myself.

“Well darling not all humans can see what lies before their eyes,” stepping off the bridge we stepped into a whole new beautiful dimension where woods and amazing flowers surrounded us.

What just happened...?
He watched me swing my arms around taking in all it's beauty. “This is our home Rose” he whispered.

“I don't want to stay in the jungle, it's beautiful yeah but I'd like hot running water and four walls”

He laughed loudly taking me by the hand pulling me alongside him. “You silly little lamb, all of this belongs to you, forward humans often stumble in and I hunt them, that's how I got Elizabeth and the others.”

“Noooo that's too much information Logan” I shouted.
That's what Carl meant when he said it was her fault...
He chuckled before placing a kiss on the forehead. “I'm sorry my love it's just you know what I am there's no use me hiding it now is there?”

“The gruesome blood stories you hide I don't need to know.” He laughed loudly, attracting unwanted company.

His voice was loud and powerful, it echoed throughout the forest making it hard for me to point it out.
“Stay right there human I'm warning you or else be eaten” he shouted.

Tugging Logan's arm I froze in complete horror, he tugged trying to get me to move without saying a word. I just stood there waiting for who or whatever that was to step out and bite my head off.

He walked out wearing a long black leather coat, accompanied by Logan's devil dog. Immediately hiding behind Logan's huge frame I shook in my boots, “let's hunt” he yelled.
Logan's grip loosened making me nervous.

Did he bring me here to hunt me...?
Logan sped towards him wrapping arms tightly around his shoulders and tapped his back, “it's good to see you Brother” he shouted.


Logan extended his arm out calling me over, my tiny frame still hid behind him as he introduced him to me.

“My love this is my baby brother William,” he said.

“And does my love have a name Logan?” he growled.

“Yeah, yeah to me she's my love, to you she's Rose or sister-in-law whichever ones suits you”

“Oh no mum's definitely biting someone's head off tonight” he laughed taking my hand into his.

“I'm sorry I scared you, I just needed to know if you scare easily. I'm sure you saw his ugly wolf face already. That's why you ain't afraid of him?”

“Well just a tiny bit afraid, mother mentioned what a clean mouth you have” he said with a wink.

“You're lucky I didn't use it on you” I smirked.

“Yeah, you have plenty of time for that my love.”

Logan butted in “oh no no this one is mine, get your own human” he laughed.

“OK so when the dick measuring contest is over can we move on?”
They both stared at me before bursting out their laughter.

“Oh I like her already bro” he shouted.

Of course I had to stop them before it went on into the night...

“Bro I have to warn you mother has a big surprise waiting for you, one you not going to like”

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